A simple guide to types of ignition coils


According to magnetic circuit of ignition coil, which can be classified to types: oil filled ignition coil and dry ignition coil oil. Oil filled ignition coil is open magnetic circuit, which were made with varnish and paper insulated high-voltage windings. Oil filled ignition coil also called traditional coils (oil filled/wet coils/can type). Dry ignition coil is closed magnetic circuit, according to the types of ignition, which can be classified into three types. Single spark ignition, dual spark ignition and dual plug ignition.

Traditional coils (oil filled/wet coils/can type)

Dry ignition coil

What is dry ignition coil? Ever since the advent of modern vehicles governed by engine management systems. Ignition coils have undergone a dramatic change. The old oil filled cylindrical (wet) coils have been replaced by a dry coil; these come in all shapes, styles, sizes and functions. In everyday use they are far more efficient than the old wet coils.

             Signle Outlet  - The first type of dry coil, designed 

           and developed for the use of electronic system