How many types of ignition system

Ignition system is an important part of gasoline engine. Whether the performance of the ignition system is good or not has great influence on engine power, fuel consumption and exhaust pollution. The whole device that generates an electric spark between the electrodes of the spark plug is called an engine "ignition system". It usually consists of battery, generator, distributor,ignition coil( as shown below: Honda ignition coils ) and spark plug.

Conventional ignition system


coventional ignition system is mainly composed of: power supply (battery, generator), ignition switch, ignition coil, distributor, spark plug, and high voltage conductor.


Electronic Ignition Systems                                   


Distributor-less Ignition System


Distributor-less ignition system include two types of ignition: Wasted spark ignition and single spark ignition. According the location of ignition coils , which are classified into Coil-Near-Plug and Coil-On-Plug


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