• RCT1519

    Alternator Rectifiers RCT1519
    MAZDA Alternator Rectifiers
    IMR7139, (Ref# 31-8392), Rectifier, For: Mitsubishi 40A IR/EF Alternators, Used On: Sumitomo Yale, Yale Lift, Trucks, Replaces: Mazda S205-24-510, S20524510, Mitsubishi A860T08570, MOBILETRON RM-78, Unit Nos: Mazda 4813-18-300, 481318300, Mitsubishi A1T32084, Yale 9010278-01, 901027801, Lester Nos: 12139, Dim: 71mm Mtg. Length, M5 x 0.8 x 40mm Batt. Term., Note: With diode trio, Features: 6-25A diodes• Copper heat sinks
    CASCO CRC35125AS
    LAUBER CQ1080077
    PowerMax 81115000
    SANDO SRC35125.0 SRC351250
    WAIglobal IMR7139
    MAZDA , Mitsubishi
    Diodes: 6-25 Ampere
    Mounting Length: 71mm

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  • SSD1546

    Starter Solenoids SSD1546
    KOMATSU Starter Solenoids
    HC-CARGO: 134632
    Replacing: 0-47100-4071, 0-47100-4070, 0471004071, 0471004070
    Servicing: 0-23000-0171, 0-23000-0172, 0-23000-0173, 0-23000-0210, 0230000171, 0230000172, 0230000173, 0230000210
    BOSCH F 042 010 574 F042010574
    CASCO CSO50100AS,CSO50100GS
    PowerMax 1015078
    SANDO SSO50100.0 SSO501000,SSO50100.1 SSO501001
    WAIglobal 66-8410 668410

    New-Era SS-165
    0-47100-4070/1 NK
    KOMATSU 1988-
    12 V,B+ M8,Kl. 50 9.40,OD 57.30,OD/cover 56.85,Total length 165.00,Height/B+ 17.55,Width/kl. 50 11.30,Coil bolt M8,Coil bolt 2 17.25,No./terminals 3

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  • SSD1921

    Starter Solenoids SSD1921
     Starter Solenoids
    WAI: 7-787, 7787 (Ref# 66-8315)
    Replaces: (stamped SB454)
    Unit Nos: Mitsubishi M5T22175, M5T22176
    Lester Nos: 18172

    Sumitomo Yale Lift Trucks
    12 Volt,3-Terminal
    Mitsubishi DD Starters

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  • SSD1951

    Starter Solenoids SSD1951
     Starter Solenoids
    WAI: 66-8378, 668378
    Replaces: Mazda 4872-24-736,487224736
    Unit Nos: Mazda 4840-18-400A, 4840-18-400B, 484018400A, 484018400B Mitsubishi M2T54572
    Lester Nos: 18171,
    WAI Ref. Nos: 2-2024-MI, 22024MI
    ERA 227133
    WAIglobal 66-8378 668378
    Gehl,Hyster,Sumitomo Yale,Yale Lift Trucks w/ 4-Cyl. Diesel
    12 Volt,3-Terminal
    Mitsubishi 2.7kW OSGR Starters

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  • SSD1952

    Starter Solenoids SSD1952
    MITSUBISHI Starter Solenoids
    HC-CARGO: 230204
    WAI: 66-8379, 668379
    Replaces: Mazda 4787-24-736, 478724736 Mitsubishi M372X02471
    Unit Nos: Clark 920670, Mazda 4813-18-400B, 4813-18-400C, 481318400B, 481318400C Mitsubishi 32A66-00101, 32A66-00301, 32A6600101, 32A6600301, M2T62271, M002T62271, M003T67671, M3T67171, M3T67172, M3T67671
    Lester Nos: 18163, 18173
    WAI Ref. Nos: 2-2102-MI, 22102MI
    WAIglobal 66-8379 668379,66-8310-1 6683101,66-8310 668310
    AS-PL SS5069
    PowerMax 1014899
    Caterpillar Lift Trucks,Mitsubishi Lift Trucks,Sumitomo Yale Lift Trucks
    12 Volt,3-Terminal
    Mitsubishi OSGR Starters

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  • STM2581

    Starter Motors STM2581
    SUMITOMO Starter Motors
    16798N, 111005, MAZDA 4780-18-400, 478018400, 4780-18-400A, 478018400A, MITSUBISHI M003T30981, M3T30981, YALE 1500023-02, 150002302, 9069916-00, 906991600, 9069916-01, 906991601, ADKUHNER 20907, CASCO CST35157, ELSTOCK 25-2154, 252154, HELLA 8EA732850-001, 8EA732850001, LUCAS LRS01344, DELCO DRS0201
    AD KUHNER 20907
    AINDE CGB-30981 CGB30981,CGB-52154 CGB52154
    ALANKO 440354
    ATL Autotechnik A 77 230 A77230
    BTS Turbo S510551
    CASCO CST35157AS
    CV PSH 150.006.082 150006082,150.535.082 150535082,150.001.082 150001082
    DA SILVA 041018,D041018
    DRI 624001082
    EDR 910201,EF11020
    ELSTOCK 25-2154 252154
    FARCOM 103951
    HC-Cargo 111005
    SANDO 6035157.0 60351570
    WAI 2-2088-MI 22088MI
    WAIglobal 16798,16798N
    Sumitomo Yale Lift Truck
    Various Models D5 Engine

    Yale Lift Truck
    Various Models D5 Engine
    Voltage [V]: 12
    Rated Power [kW]: 0,8
    Rotation Direction: Clockwise rotation
    Flange [mm]: 74
    Number of Teeth: 8
    Number of mounting bores: 2

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  • VRT1402

    Voltage Regulators VRT1402
     Voltage Regulators
    (Ref# 35-8351)
    Regulator / Brush Holder Assy.
    12 Volt, A-Circuit, L-R Terminals, 14.7 Vset
    For: Mitsubishi IR/IF Alternators
    Used On: Hyster, Sumitomo Yale, Yale Lift Trucks
    Replaces: Mazda S5SN-18-W70, S5SN18W70, Mitsubishi A866X26172, MD618845, MOBILETRON VR-H2009-63, VRH200963,
    Unit Nos: Mitsubishi A1T06391, A001T06391, A007T03277, A1T06672, A1T06791, A1T06891, A1TA0091, A1TA0291, A1TA0491, A1TA0591, A1TA0691, A1TA0791, A7T03277
    Lester Nos: 12138
    WAI Ref. Nos: 1-1960-01MI
    Dim: 24mm ID Slip Ring Cover
    AS-PL ARE5025
    ERA 215544
    LAUBER CQ1010129
    MESSMER 215544
    MOBILETRON VR-H2009-63 VRH200963
    PowerMax 1115527, 81115527
    WAIglobal IM290
    STELLOX 06-71705-SX 0671705SX

    24mm ID
    Voltage Set Point 14.5V

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