How to check the car fuel pump

Electric fuel pump is responsible for feeding fuel to engine. If it does not work, the car will not work. We will show how to check the car fuel pump.

Tools: Multimeter


Check the fuel pump step 1

Open the tank cap and turn on the ignition switch( ignition system ). If you can hear the sound of pumping fuel for 3 to 5 seconds, it shows the fuel pump and circuit work normally.


If you cant hear the sound of the pump running, start the engine and then hear the sound of fuel flow near the fuel tank. If there is, it indicates the circuit of fuel pump is in good condition.


Check the fuel pump step 2

Remove the engine fuel inlet line, plug the fuel line by hand, start car. If there is fuel flowing out of the line, indicate the fuel pump and wiring harness are normal.


Check the fuel pump step 3

If there is no fuel flow from the fuel pipe when you turn on the ignition switch or start the car, you can check the fuel pump relay and touch the relay to see if it pulls in. If does, which means the fuel pump relay and the front wiring harness are in good condition.

Check the fuel pump step 4

When turning on the ignition switch, measure the voltage of the fuel pump plug. If there is 12V voltage for 3 to 5 seconds, it means that the relay to the fuel pump harness is in good condition, then measure whether the fuel pump resistance is at the specified value. If it is, indicates the failure point is the fuel pump.


Check the fuel pump step 5

If the fuel pump rotates, but the fuel pressure is too low, the fuel pump should be removed, and check whether the fuel filter element is too dirty to block the fuel passage, if so a new filter element can be replaced. If the fuel pressure is still low, the fuel pump should be replaced.



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