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People don't buy low-quality auto parts for their cars. It’s awkward that vehicles break down on the road. That’s why buyers are prudent. They shop around.

In spite of fierce competition, Delcoribo gains good reputation for high-performance parts. All products we provide meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 automotive quality management system.

Here we take Delcoribo IGC1059 VW ignition coil as an example, to show you the main production process and quality assurance process of our products.

Delcoribo Production Process of Ignition Coils

The first process is to purchase materials and components according to the customer’s order, and put them into storage after inspection. Before production, materials are picked according to the first-in-first-out principle to ensure that the quantity and model of materials are accurate.

The second process is winding and soldering. After the automatic winding machine winds the high-voltage and low-voltage skeletons, use an electronic magnifying glass to observe whether there are cross-wires, cross-slots, loose wires to ensure the wires are flat. After the ignition module is welded, timely check whether there are leakage welding, virtual welding, continuous welding to make sure the module test is turned on.

The third process is semi-finished product assembly and process inspection. After the iron core, high and low voltage coils and plastic kits are assembled, use a bridge tester, a multimeter and a polarity tester to test. This can ensure the product has correct polarity, correct inductance value and correct high-voltage resistance value.

The fourth process is potting and curing. Under the specified vacuum degree, temperature, pressure, time and ratio, the product is potted with epoxy resin through a high vacuum potting machine. Check for glue leakage, air bubbles, dirt and flatness. After potting, the products are put into a multi-stage temperature-controlled oven for curing at the specified time and temperature. The surface of the product appearance must be clean, without curing glue, and the glue surface should be clean, smooth and not skewed.

The fifth process is performance testing and finished product inspection. At the ignition coil test bench, check whether the products have poor performance according to the Test and Inspection Work Instructions and Finished Product Inspection Work Instructions.

The sixth process is product laser typing, packaging and palletizing. Usually neutral packaging, color packaging can also be provided according to customer requirements, as long as a certain product or a certain inner box size reaches 1000 pieces. Delcoribo will make sure the products are in the correct quantity and the labels are placed in the correct position. Each pallet is protected by four corners, protected by a fumigation-free wood cover on the top, and PVC film is wrapped around the outside of the pallet to prevent moisture.

Delcoribo Quality Assurance Process of Ignition Coils

After the Sales Department receives the customer's email or sample(s), it will put forward a project proposal. The Engineering Department will design the product according to the sample and report the design drawings and material usage to the company's Quality Assurance Team. And this team is made up of engineering, quality, production, sales and purchasing department. After review and confirmation by the team, the Purchasing Department will purchase the sample materials.

The Quality Department IQC (Incoming Quality Control) will carry out the incoming inspection, and when it is OK, it will be handed over to the engineering department for sample trial production. After the trial production of the sample is completed, it will be submitted to the quality assurance team for review and confirmation.

After the Sales Department delivers the sample to the customer for confirmation, it will notify the Quality Assurance Team according to the customer's order and contract, and review it again. The Purchasing Department formulates the purchasing plan and informs the qualified suppliers to supply the relative materials and components.

Non-conforming products inspected by IQC shall be returned to the supplier for processing and required to formulate corrective and preventive measures for verification. FQC (Final Quality Control) / OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) inspection is qualified to handle the packaging and delivery matters.

Delcoribo Routine Test of Ignition Coil

When we develop a new ignition coil, we generally do the following routine tests: Functional Test, Thermal Shock, Life Test under High Temperature, Salt Fog Test, High Voltage Endurance and Accelerated Aging Test.

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