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Quality control is an essential part of our company, we are committed to manufacture superior quality automotive parts using precision production processes, skilled and dedicated workforce, to ensure our customers receive products free from defects.


Culture of Quality


Since its founding, Delcoribo has been dedicated to build a quality culture. We clearly recognize the power of quality culture. Establishing a good quality culture can make sure our members genuinely care about the quality of their work. Everyone, from the lowest-experience factory worker to the highest manager, should be focused on creating a quality product. If any production problems or quality concerns, workers are easy to communicate our experts or engineers.

Furthermore, continuous improvement (kaizen) methods help eliminate problems at their source by empowering workers to find and solve problems on a daily basis, which is based on making a lot of small changes rather than fewer larger changes. Requiring our employees to look for small improvements they can make in their work area within a day or two, so that workers from every department could see the results of their improvements.


Quality training


Quality control of automotive parts requires specialized engineering knowledge, so employee training is vital. In order to help our employees to learn and understand quality, we provide comprehensive training as part of our employee training program, aiming to strengthen the commitment to quality. Each employee and team must be well-trained and supported by management system.

A truly successful and sustainable operation has an effective QA/QC strategy to keep product and service quality consistently high standard and is compliant with Service Standard and ISO Quality System Standard. Changes that impact multiple areas need to involve teams from each area to ensure that the most effective solution is implemented.


Quality control approach


Delcoribo implements a rigorous quality management program, and dedicates to have zero defects. After many year efforts, Delcoribo has achieved a reputation for the production of very high-quality parts around the world and increased customer loyalty.

As we know, the automotive industry has an enormous responsibility to guarantee vehicle safety and satisfaction for the billions of consumers. As an automotive parts manufacturer and supplier, Delcoribo is considered product quality as principal aim and implements quality control in manufacturing.

We create and document our approach to quality control, including defining the quality standards for each product and selecting the quality control methods:

PDCA activities: Provide a structure that guides the process of problem solving and process improvement with PDCA activities. This approach establishes a comprehensive analysis, response, action plan, and feedback loop to ensure success.

Make a plan: Plan step is where the objectives of a change are identified and the needed processes are planned out.

Implement the plan: Any available data is collected during this phase to ensure which can be checked in next step.

Check the improvement: Our quality circle will evaluate the results of the changes using the data that was collected during the previous steps. In the meantime, the results of the changes will be in comparison with the old way of doing things.

Take an action: If the results of the changes are a positive one, we will adopt the new way in manufacturing. In this process of action, our quality control department help build up among the employees a sense of the improvement, make sure they become more engaged.

A continuous improvement projects will follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act process, which makes it easier to identify potential solutions and implement them. Our quality circle will work through a set of process with PDCA activities. Group meeting of our quality circle is scheduled to take place on a regular basis, with new problems being identified and resolved.

Statistical process control: Available data will be collected, organized and fully analyzed by our quality control group. It helps us to identify which areas produce excessive amounts of variation and impede efficiency or produce unwanted results. Various aspects within a process are monitored and controlled by tracking production metrics during the manufacturing processes. It helps our managers and quality circle team identify and solve problems before products leave the facility.

Testing systems: Precision testing equipment is an integral part of the production process at every Delcoribo workshop and production line. In order to meet or exceed our customers’ needs, we carry out repeated and exhaustive quality management with strict testing through all production processes. Main tests on automotive parts performed in a laboratory, such as material composition analysis, endurance test, high and low temperature test, salt spray test, impact strength test, vibration test and so on.

Parts inspection checklist: Keep each list with the right product throughout the production process to reduce the chance that a step will be missed or forgotten. Review inspection checklists on a weekly basis and record any occurrences, which are wrong and where corrective action is necessary. Our quality circle team then use highly accurate instruments to conduct a series of measurements and on-site checks. This data verifies the quality of mass production based on customer criteria and quality standards, international regulations, safety standards, and our extensive industry know-how.

In the meantime, our specialized departments such as quality control and production technology are undertaking unified efforts to strictly check quality by visualizing the degree of product completion as well as quality-related risks.

Quality Circle Team

In our Quality Circle, five people are led by the supervisor. They work through a set of process with each meeting to identify potential problems, and get them resolved as efficiently as possible, following the PDCA process.

Discussion:If the issues no matter it is small or big are not fixed in manufacturing, our quality circle team will discuss these to move forward with a positive result.

Collaboration:Our workers come up with solutions, quality circle team will focus on these and collaborate with them to solve the problems.

Brainstorm:Brainstorming ideas, the members of our quality circle team are familiar with the position, so they can more easily bounce off ideas each other, they will hold a brainstorming session to look for a very effective way to arrive at the best solution.

Effectiveness:Outside group or management won't need to waste time learning about the problem before proposing solutions. Our quality circle team just shows the solutions to their concerns.




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