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Vehicles can’t run without fuel pumps. The parts supply fuel to engines.
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Pay Attention to Fuel Pump and Supporting Components

Good Durability And Reliable Pressure Measurement Are Not Dreams.
Engines Need Efficient Fuel Supply. Drivers Want Minimum Noise.

Updated: July 06, 2022

The fuel pump is designed to send fuel to the injector. Vintage pumps are mostly mechanical, but electric fuel pumps replace them in modern engines.

In addition, some pumps installed outside tanks have been settled inside due to heat dissipation, sound insulation and air resistance. The fuel pump is always combined with the fuel gauge measuring device as a whole.

The fuel pump comprises the electric fuel pump, fuel pump reservoir, level sensor, primary inlet filter, and pressure regulator. Only the inlet primary filter, fuel pressure regulator and fuel level sensor are serviceable items. If the fuel pump requires service, the fuel pump assembly must be replaced integrally.

1. Symptoms of Bad Fuel Pumps

Generally speaking, when the fuel pump has problems, the car may have symptoms like hard starting, poor acceleration, unstable idling, etc. The specific causes are the impact of hot air resistance, reduction of pump volume, plugged filter and other accessories abrasion.

The fuel pump makes noise while working, but the noise after the damage will be significantly larger than a good one. We can directly judge it by the sound.

2. Failure Testing

2.1 Check working condition

The working condition inspection is mainly carried out with the fuel pump running. Observe whether it meets the normal operation standard. If there are some issues, the failure cause can be inferred accordingly.

First of all, check the fuse and battery voltage to ensure that the voltage is above 12V and the fuse is normal. You can also remove the fuel tank flange cover from under the luggage compartment floor or rear seat cushion. Start the engine for a short time and listen carefully to the sound of the fuel pump.

Next, connect the remote control to the socket of the fuel pump fuse. Put the terminal clip on the battery's positive pole. Then handle the remote control to turn on the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is running, check if the fuel pump relay works.

The armature winding resistance of the electric fuel pump is mostly around 10-20 Ω under normal circumstances. Therefore, the resistance can be tested when the engine is working.

If the value exceeds this range, the fuel pump may have a short circuit in the armature winding. Poor brush contact or winding resistance breakage and other faults are also possible.

2.2 Check fuel flow

The fuel flow inspection requires removing the fuel filler cap. Open the engine compartment cover and the threaded pipe fitting.

Clean up the spilled fuel, then connect the pressure gauge and pipe fitting to the fuel inlet pipe. Push the hose onto the pressure gauge's pipe fitting, and place the hose outlet in a measuring cup.

After opening the pressure gauge's switch handle, point the handle in the flow direction and manipulate the remote control to slowly close the handle until the pressure gauge shows 400 kPa.

Finally, measure the battery voltage with a multimeter, and estimate the specific value of the pump volume. If the minimum value doesn't reach the standard, check whether there is a throttle point or blockage in the fuel pipe.

3. Three Conditions That Damage Fuel Pump Assembly

3.1 Hot weather

In summer, the failure rate of the fuel pump will be higher than that in winter. High temperature is the culprit. The fuel vapor easily accumulates in the tank, thus causing the "air resistance" issue. Most manufacturers now add activated carbon to the pump to avoid the problem.

3.2 Lack of fuel

When the vehicle is running, the high-speed operation of the fuel pump assembly generates a certain amount of heat. The pump soaks in fuel, dissipating heat through the gasoline in time. At the same time, sufficient petrol also plays a lubricating role.

When only a small amount of fuel is in the tank, the fuel indicator sounds the alarm. The starter motor part can not cool down if not refueled in time. It can’t be fully lubricated. This will directly shorten the service life of the pump assembly and cause damage to the fuel pump motor.

3.3 Bad fuel

Bad gasoline leads to blockage of the fuel pipe. When the engine is running, excessive gum and impurities fill the fuel system.

The fuel pump screen, gasoline filter, and fuel injector nozzle, which have small holes or play a filtering role, are easily blocked.

On the other hand, replacing the filter in time for maintenance is important. If not, it's easy to cause the fuel system blockage. Long-time working in a high-load state damages the fuel pump assembly.

4. Reasons for Choosing Delcoribo Fuel Pumps

Can it be worse when you find your fuel pump isn’t functioning well? As a vital component in modern engine, it enrages us when it needs frequent replacement. Delcoribo serves parts with good durability. Reliable pressure measurement makes proper quantity of fuel get out of the tank. That’s what our products do all the time.

No matter where petrol goes (combustion chamber or intake manifold), the fuel pump has to get its job done. The engine needs efficient gasoline supply for smooth running, but it sometimes can be noisy. We try our best to avoid this with advanced technology. That’s nice when driving without too much noise.

We care about our cars, but we don’t want to waste our money. It is terrible to get high fuel consumption and additional costs due to the bad engine performance. That’s why people take time to look for high-quality fuel pumps somewhere. Delcoribo is just the right place.

5. Reasons for Choosing Delcoribo Fuel Pump Assembly

The electronic fuel injection system needs some real good parts to perform well. When we are talking about the fuel pump assembly, it’s never too much to emphasize the durability. Delcoribo has a professional team to finish the quality management. We take the manufacture seriously, and make every product withstand tough working states.

Exceptional resistance to corrosion is not enough. New products are guaranteed to fit into engines. They come up to the original standard. People will find it easy while changing the old one.

Good parts do not mean high costs. We offer you competitive prices to extend your budget. No matter what kind of fuel pump assembly you want, there’s a large selection for you. The products will get to the destination safely, and you deserve a punctual delivery.


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