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As a wholesale auto parts manufacturer and supplier from China, Delcoribo provides engine components to customers worldwide. If you are looking for parts in automotive ignition, fuel, charging, starting systems and sensors, there is a largest selection for your choice. And you can easily find what you need in our online products lists and relative catalogs.

Multiple Search Methods

Direct searching is a fast way. There is a search box in the upper right corner of the page. Just enter the OEM number in it, and the searched product will appear. Go ahead and see the detailed information.

The second way is placing your mouse over the PRODUCTS button in the navigation bar at the top of the webpage, a drop-down page will appear, and there are three categories for you to choose from. If you choose Select by System, all products for that system are displayed. If you choose Select by Product, all variants of the product will be displayed. But the most widely used is the following search method. Move your mouse right from the car series to the product, and then right to the Make, click it, you will see all the products belonging to this Make. Then check carefully one by one, and you can find almost every product you need.

The third way is to click on the catalogs classified by various vehicles series in European, American, Japanese, Korean and Russian markets from the button of Explore Online Catalogs. For example, if you are looking for ignition coils for European vehicles, click on Ignition Coils for European Vehicles and you will see all related ignition coils.

The fourth way is the OEM manufacturer classification. Click the button of Browse by Make, and you will see almost all kinds of products with the manufacturers’ parts (OEM) numbers. For example, if you click the button ACURA, you will see all the Acura parts we can supply.

The fifth way is to download the PDF catalog. Click from the top navigation bar CATALOG, download the product catalog you need. However, please note that all the PDF catalogs are not always updated. If the information is inconsistent with the product information on the webpage, please refer to the webpage data.

Items of Auto Parts

At present we are mainly dealing with the following auto parts – ignition coils, electric fuel pumps, electric fuel pump assemblies, alternators, starter motors, and automotive sensors. We strive to produce and supply as many items of products as possible to facilitate our customers' purchasing needs.

Delcoribo supplies the most complete range of ignition coils in China with more than 1,000 items. Nearly 700 items of dry ignition coils and more than 100 items of oil-filled ignition coils are widely sold. For some older items with low sales, if you have a certain amount of purchases, we can also produce them for you, but the production time will be longer than that of the common items. 

More than 500 types of electric fuel pumps and 1,200 items of electric fuel pump assemblies are the greatest convenience that Delcoribo brings to our customers.
We can also manufacture and supply up to 600 items of mechanical fuel pumps for you.

For alternators and starter motors, Delcoribo can manufacture and supply over 1600 and 1500 items respectively. We can also customize the production according to the customer's requirements, as long as that item of alternator or starter motor reaches a certain sales volume and the customer is willing to pay the mold fee in advance.

The role of modern automotive sensors is increasing. Delcoribo produces and supplies several major sensors in automobile engines, including more than 700 items of mass air flow sensors, 1300 items of oxygen sensors, 800 items of EGT sensors, 2000 items of ABS wheel speed sensors, 400 items of camshaft position sensors and 500 items of crankshaft position sensors.

If you have any interested in our products, please feel free to contact us anytime, no matters on samples or quotations. Delcoribo will always at your services.

Delcoribo is a leading auto parts manufacturer and

supplier, providing high-quality and affordable

products to wholesalers around the world.

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