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The starter motor transfers electric power to mechanical energy. Car
owners attach importance to this crucial device, because the automobile
can’t run without it. It’s Delcoribo’s duty to produce good starter motors.

Delcoribo Starter Motors

Good Starter Motors for Continuous Mechanical Energy

Is It Annoying to Suffer Hard Starting Cars? Treat Engines Well And Give More Mechanical Energy!
Delcoribo Is A Manufacturer And Supplier to Offer You High-Quality Starter Motors with Affordable Prices.

Updated: July 08, 2022

The engine needs external support to start, and the starter motor plays a big role. Generally speaking, three components carry out the entire starting process. The DC motor draws current from the battery and generates mechanical movement of the drive gear. The drive mechanism cooperates with the gear. The on/off of the starter circuit is controlled by an electromagnetic switch.

1. Structure

The starter motor consists of three major parts: DC series-excited motor, transmission mechanism and control device. The DC motor converts the electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy. It produces electromagnetic torque. The transmission mechanism is also called the starter clutch.

When the engine starts, the transmission mechanism engages the pinion on the starter shaft into the flywheel gear ring. The torque is transferred to the engine crankshaft. After the engine starts, the starter pinion and flywheel gear ring automatically disengage.

The control unit is also known as the starter switch. It turns on and off the circuit between the motor and the battery. It also connects and disconnects the additional resistance of ignition coils.

2. Inspection & Repair

●  Disassemble and inspect starter motor

We should check on each electrical component for routine performance. For example, check the insulation resistance of the rotor shaft and armature. Pay attention to the insulation resistance of the stator shell and magnetic field winding. Check the technical condition of the magnetic field winding, armature winding, brush spring pressure, etc.

●  Overhaul of rotor assembly

The surface of the commutator must be smooth and free of dirt. Otherwise, clean it with fuel. The component should be finely processed if there is severe ablation on the commutator surface, or the cylindricity error has exceeded 0.25 mm.

If the distance between the commutator insulator and rectifier surface is less than 0.5 mm, saw the insulator. If the commutator surface has light ablation, use "00" sandpaper to polish it smoothly.

●  Stator assembly

The cross-sectional area of the stator magnetic field winding wire is relatively large. Common issues are short circuits and overlap. To check it, pass 2V DC between the two brushes of the magnetic field winding.

Contact four poles in the stator with a screwdriver blade or metal. If there's no suction, or the suction is significantly lower than other poles, the magnetic pole on the winding has been short-circuited. When carrying out this inspection, the current is large. It must be finished in a short time to avoid damaging the coil.

●  One-way clutch

A common problem of roller clutch and friction plate clutch is slipping. When you check it, clamp it in a vise. Insert a spline shaft in the spline cylinder of the freewheel and connect the torque wrench with this splined shaft with a sleeve.

Turn the torque wrench counterclockwise, and the roller clutch should not slip when the torque is 26 Nm or more. Otherwise, it should be replaced.

The friction plate clutch torque should not slip between 120 and 180 Nm. However, it slips when the torque exceeds 180 Nm to play a safety protection role. The torque can be adjusted by increasing the adjustment shim between the pressure ring and the friction plate.

3. Maintenance of Starter Motor

To ensure a reliable engine starting, you should always keep the battery in a fully charged state. Confirm that the ignition switch, the battery and the connecting wire are in good contact.

The starter motor is designed for instantaneous operation. Moreover, the armature winding current is very high when the motor works. So the time for each start should not exceed 5 seconds. The interval between two starts should not be less than 15 seconds.

If the engine fails to start after three times in a row, you should find out the reason and troubleshoot before using it. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the starter and may even lead to a vehicle idling.

After the engine starts, the ignition switch should be cut off in time to make the drive wheel out of engagement and reduce the abrasion of the one-way clutch.

When the starter motor works, put it in neutral or depress the clutch pedal. It is strictly forbidden to move the vehicle by starting in gear. Check the brush wear and spring pressure of the starter frequently.

The starter and start relay should be inspected once every 5000 km. The moving or rotating parts should be lubricated. Check and test the brushes' wear and the brush springs' pressure every 10000 km. They should be within the specified range.

The starter should be disassembled once a year for maintenance. But in fact, most auto repair stores only replace, but not repair it. This causes great inconvenience to car owners. When cold starting in winter, the engine should be warmed up in advance.

The engine should be started for less than 3 seconds each time. If it needs to be started again, wait for a while so that the battery can be restored. If there are three consecutive unsuccessful starts, wait for 15 min on the basis of checking and troubleshooting.

In addition, good maintenance is beneficial to the optimum working condition. For example, ensure that the starter motor has a clean appearance, and wires connected to the battery are firm and reliable. Check and clean the commutator every 5000 km. Remove the toner and dirt on the commutator.

4. Reasons for Choosing Delcoribo Starter Motors

Engines need sufficient mechanical energy to start running. As the most important component in the starting system, the starter motor delivers massive cranking torque in spite of the small size and light weight. Our products have been designed with advanced technology to ensure the best power output.

High energy transmission is not enough. Delcoribo starter motors have robust construction to resist corrosion. They are available to work in all driving conditions without any issue, because we have rigorous tests for our products before packing. It’s our duty to serve you parts with high standard.

Different types of engines need various kinds of starter motors. Delcoribo has a wide range of products with affordable prices. Every component is under quality management without compromise. There must be an optimal solution for your need, and we offer you one satisfactory result.


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