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  • Largest Selection

    We make an endeavor to produce and supply
    as many kinds and items of products as possible
    to meet our customers' convenient purchasing
    needs. As a WHOLESALER of automotive parts
    at present, we offer the broadest selection
    to our customers at competitive price.

  • Top Quality

    Our products are strictly controlled at every stage
    from the procurement of raw materials and
    components to ensure that we provide our customers
    with high-quality products. All products we provide
    meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008 and
    IATF16949:2016 Quality Management System.

  • Competitive Price

    Due to our high production efficiency, large
    sales volume, lean production and waste
    elimination, we can produce high quality parts
    at a relative low cost. For those who are very
    concerned about high cost-performance
    will be a good choice.

  • On-time Delivery

    The advantages of our logistics are customer
    orientation, on-time delivery, reliability,
    cost-efficiency, and a continuous supply chain.
    We take time to carefully plan the logistics
    so that it's profitable for both our sides.
    Usually 98% of our ship on-timely.

  • Fit Guarantee

    You may rest assured that all the parts we carry
    will fit the vehicles you required AFTER THEY
    We do our best to avoid the unmatched
    part(s) happen, even if only once.

  • New Products Development

    We can develop the new item(s) as per the
    samples for our customer. If our customer
    plans to sell it exclusively, the mold charges
    need to be paid in advance. After reaching
    a certain sales volume for this item, all the
    mold charges can be fully refunded.

Delcoribo Parts Warranty

For several years, our customers have got broad consensus: Buying from Delcoribo is a correct choice and a kind of assurance. Delcoribo Parts Warranty is a commitment to maintain high quality, dependability and reliability. We have corresponding warranty policy for ignition coils, electric fuel pumps, alternators, starters and sensors. Our high quality standards allow us…

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Tips for Parts Buyers

  • Car Noises While Driving: Solutions And Maintenance

    We always encounter various issues when driving the car. Car rattles are the most unbearable problem for drivers. These noises cannot be avoided in the running of the vehicle. They can occur at any time. Engine rattles are not limited by new or old cars and are not limited by mileage. Now let's see how to improve this awful symptom.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 03, 2021

  • What Is Ignition Advance Angle

    When the engine works, the ignition timing has a significant impact on the engine's performance. Advance ignition is that the spark plug generates sparks to ignite the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber before the piston reaches the top dead center. The crankshaft angle of rotation that goes from the ignition moment to the time that the piston reaches the top dead center is called the ignition advance angle.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 30, 2021

  • Tips for Newbies: Driving Safely in Rain And Snow

    All drivers include some new ones, know that we should drive carefully and slowly in the rain and snow. Slippery roads increase the probability of traffic accidents. So what exactly should we pay attention to? Are there any special tips that we should take into account? Let's take a look.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 25, 2021

  • Engine Doesn't Work: Common Ignition Problems And Troubleshooting

    The car ignition system offers the spark plug sufficient energy of high voltage (about 15000-30000V) at regular intervals according to the ignition sequence of each cylinder. As a result, the spark plug produces enough sparks to ignite the combustible air-fuel mixture. In this article, let's talk about the common problems of the car ignition system.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 22, 2021

  • How to Clean A Dirty Engine (Do It Yourself)

    Car washing is the "daily work" of car owners. No matter you do it yourself or go to a repair shop, you do it once a day or once a month, you will definitely wash it regularly. However, engine compartment cleaning is not the option that every car owner takes care of. In this article, let's find out more details about it.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 18, 2021

  • How Ignition System And Fuel System Work with Each Other

    In the daily driving of the vehicle, a certain amount of clean, well-atomized fuel is supplied to the engine according to the needs of the operating conditions. The fuel system also needs to store a considerable amount of fuel to ensure that the car has sufficient driving distance. How is the gasoline in the tank sent into the engine for combustion? Let's take a look.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 15, 2021

  • Cases Analysis: 4 Automotive Electronic Ignition Systems with Distributors

    Electronic ignition systems with distributors exist in some old vehicles. The ECU determines the ignition timing (ignition advance angle) based on individual signals output from sensors. It sends signals to the ignition controller. The high voltage is induced in the secondary coil and sent by the distributor to the corresponding cylinder's spark plug to produce sparks.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 12, 2021

  • Symptoms And Repair of Ignition Switch

    Ignition switch is the most crucial switch in the car circuit. It is the control hub of each circuit branch. This component can freely dominate the ignition coil. There are four ignition positions: START, ON, ACC, LOCK. Among them, the "START" should not be connected for a long time because of the high working current. It cannot be positioned by itself during operation.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 08, 2021

  • Erratic Engine Idling: What Should I Do about It

    Engine idling is one of the indicators of smooth engine operation. The symptom of unstable idling is the most common problem you can meet. The performance has a significant impact on fuel consumption and emissions. Therefore, it is crucial to the vehicle's daily running. Different car models have different idling speeds.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 04, 2021

  • Starting Problems: Common Reasons And Inspection

    Vehicles are necessities in our daily lives. But after they are used for a long time, there will inevitably be some minor faults. Hard starting is one of them. The problem is that the starter can drive the engine at normal speed, but the car is hard to start. It takes several starts in a row or a long time to turn the starter to make the engine work.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 01, 2021

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