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  • Largest Selection

    We make an endeavor to produce and supply
    as many kinds and items of products as possible
    to meet our customers' convenient purchasing
    needs. As a WHOLESALER of automotive parts
    at present, we offer the broadest selection
    to our customers at competitive price.

  • Top Quality

    Our products are strictly controlled at every stage
    from the procurement of raw materials and
    components to ensure that we provide our customers
    with high-quality products. All products we provide
    meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008 and
    IATF16949:2016 Quality Management System.

  • Competitive Price

    Due to our high production efficiency, large
    sales volume, lean production and waste
    elimination, we can produce high quality parts
    at a relative low cost. For those who are very
    concerned about high cost-performance
    will be a good choice.

  • On-time Delivery

    The advantages of our logistics are customer
    orientation, on-time delivery, reliability,
    cost-efficiency, and a continuous supply chain.
    We take time to carefully plan the logistics
    so that it's profitable for both our sides.
    Usually 98% of our ship on-timely.

  • Fit Guarantee

    You may rest assured that all the parts we carry
    will fit the vehicles you required AFTER THEY
    We do our best to avoid the unmatched
    part(s) happen, even if only once.

  • New Products Development

    We can develop the new item(s) as per the
    samples for our customer. If our customer
    plans to sell it exclusively, the mold charges
    need to be paid in advance. After reaching
    a certain sales volume for this item, all the
    mold charges can be fully refunded.

Delcoribo Parts Warranty

For several years, our customers have got broad consensus: Buying from Delcoribo is a correct choice and a kind of assurance. Delcoribo Parts Warranty is a commitment to maintain high quality, dependability and reliability. We have corresponding warranty policy for ignition coils, electric fuel pumps, alternators, starters and sensors. Our high quality standards allow us…

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Tips for Parts Buyers

  • Everything You Need to Know about Engine Misfire

    Engine misfire is a common failure in automotive engines. It refers to the symptom of insufficient or no combustion of the mixture in the cylinder. The trouble happens due to abnormal ignition system, fuel system, cylinder pressure or other reasons. It is harmful to the vehicle and the environment. We should solve this problem in time.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 17, 2022

  • Control Principle And Maintenance of Diesel Engine Preheater

    Many vehicles equip diesel engines. They have the large load capacity and run in harsh environments. Many drivers work in mountainous or alpine areas for years. Their vehicles have various devices to improve cold starting performance. Let's talk about the control principle and maintenance of the diesel engine preheater.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 13, 2022

  • What Is Air—Fuel Ratio

    There are many factors that affect a car's power. The most important of which is the throttle control system. As we all know, the throttle system controls the ratio of intake air to fuel. Usually, when you step on the accelerator, you don't just add fuel, but you control how much intake air is used to influence the amount of fuel coming out of the injectors.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 10, 2022

  • Introduction to Electronic Fuel Injection System

    The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system uses the ECU as the control center. Various sensors are installed in different parts of the engine to measure the engine's operating parameters. According to the program set in the computer, the system controls injectors to inject a precise amount of fuel so that the engine can obtain the optimum mixture under operating conditions.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 06, 2022

  • Introduction to Engine Control Unit in Cars

    The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is generally equipped with fault self-diagnosis and protection functions. It also automatically records fault codes in RAM when a system fault occurs. These messages are displayed on the dashboard and remain there, allowing the owner to identify the problem and take the car to a repair shop.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 03, 2022

  • Working Principle of Automotive Fuel System

    Every vehicle has its fuel system. It supplies a certain amount of clean, well-atomized fuel to the automotive engine. The fuel mixes with a certain amount of air to form a combustible mixture. At the same time, the fuel system needs to store some petrol in case the car has a long way to run.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 30, 2021

  • 9 Ways to Damage Automotive Engine

    You may hear a lot of "engine damaging behaviors" before. Only some of them are true. It is obvious that cars are essential tools, so we should know them well. Furthermore, we want to expand the engine's service life. Let's talk about some behaviors that "really hurt the engine".

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 27, 2021

  • Lean Engine Oil: Introduction And Solution

    The engine plays a big role in the car's running. There are many mechanical components in the engine that move with friction against each other. These parts move and work in a poor environment. The engine temperature can reach 400°C to 600°C. When you buy a new car, you will have a car maintenance manual for yourself. The advice is to change the oil regularly.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 24, 2021

  • Vehicle Losing Power: Reasons And Inspection (Case Analysis)

    To check a car's performance, we can test its maneuverability and steering system, but the engine is the most important thing we should know well. As the core of the car, the engine is the key factor in the safety driving. However, in the daily running, the vehicle encounters a lack of power from time to time.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 21, 2021

  • Problems And Maintenance of Fuel System

    The engine is known as the "heart" of the car. The importance of it goes without saying. People always wait until the car has a big problem or breaks down on the road in our daily lives. Then you begin to realize that their cars are out of control. If you can pay attention to some symptoms in advance and get rid of them, you can save money and avoid severe damage to your vehicle.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 17, 2021

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