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Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensors are installed on fuel pipes. These parts have great
impact on air-fuel mixture. We work hard to produce high-performance
oxygen sensors that improve fuel efficiency and minimize pollution.

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Oxygen Sensor: Crucial Component to Control Fuel Consumption

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Updated: July 28, 2022

Oxygen sensors are essential components of engines to reduce exhaust pollution. Once the air-fuel ratio of the mixture deviates from the theoretical value, the cleaning ability of the three-way catalyst for CO, HC and NOx will drop sharply. Therefore, an oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust pipe to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust. After that, it sends a feedback signal to the ECU, which controls the injection volume increase or decreases.

1. Symptoms

1.1 Carbon deposits

Non-heated oxygen sensor failure is usually caused by carbon deposits, which increases the reflection time of the oxygen sensor. It may cause the loss of oxygen detection.

The deposits are usually burned off for heated oxygen sensors, and the failure usually stems from catalyst depletion. The detection element incorrectly reports the mixture as lean. The ECU, therefore, increases the mixture concentration, and the vehicle exhaust contains more carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, resulting in excess emissions.

1.2 Lead

Oxygen sensors with too much lead are typically characterized by a shiny rusty layer on the surface. Leaded fuel damages oxygen sensors and three-way catalytic converters. Most oxygen sensors will have a dramatic drop in mileage.

1.3 Silicon

Too much silicon causes deposits on the oxygen sensor. In general, gasoline and lubricating oil contain silicon dioxide. Silicone compounds are generated in the combustion. The improper use of silicone rubber sealing gasket makes the oxygen sensor failure. Therefore, it is necessary to use good quality fuel and lubricating oil. Choose and install good rubber gaskets.

1.4 Oil contamination

Oil entering the engine combustion chamber can cause a layer of oily deposits on the oxygen sensor surface, which delays or malfunctions the sensor response. If there is a thick layer of white or gray oily deposits, it means that fuel additives are being used. These fuel additives and particular oil components can contaminate the oxygen sensor's sensing element.

2. Oxygen Sensor And Fuel Consumption 

There are many reasons for the increase in fuel consumption. The oxygen sensor can be a factor. When it's bad and the detection is inaccurate, it has an impact on fuel consumption.

If the oxygen in the exhaust gas is detected too high, the air-fuel ratio is incorrect, with more air and less gasoline. Then the signal from the oxygen sensor is sent to the engine computer. The computer will control to spray more fuel to achieve the best air-fuel ratio.

On the contrary, when the oxygen level is too low, it means that the mixture is too rich. At this time, the fuel injection should be reduced. We always let the air-fuel ratio of the mixture maintains around the theoretical value. So when the oxygen sensor works properly, it has a positive impact on the combustion, emission and fuel consumption.

The normal working temperature of the oxygen sensor is about 300 ºC, so the sensor can not work properly when the car just starts. However, heating sensors go into service to let the oxygen sensor reach the qualified temperature as soon as possible. It will heat up automatically and get the working temperature quickly.

Both open-loop and closed-loop engine control are related to oxygen sensors. Those with oxygen sensors involved are called closed-loop control, while those without oxygen sensors are open-loop control. Closed-loop control keeps the air-fuel ratio near the theoretical value so that the gasoline can be burned completely. Therefore, the oxygen sensor is very useful for fuel correction.

If the oxygen sensor transmits an inaccurate signal and keeps sending the engine computer a signal of a too-high oxygen level, the computer will command to inject more fuel, resulting in an overly rich mixture and increased fuel consumption. In most cases, the bad oxygen sensor will cause trouble codes. The check engine light comes on. This needs repair and replacement in time.

Sometimes, poor contact with sensors does not cause trouble codes. The check engine light does not come on. The driver is unaware of the problem, increasing fuel consumption inexplicably. We can only know that the oxygen sensor is faulty by viewing the data stream. Under normal circumstances, there is always changing data. If it doesn't change for a long time, there must be some problems.

The oxygen sensor is damaged for the same reason as the three-way catalytic damage. Bad fuel can be the culprit. The lead content in gasoline exceeds the standard, and it causes defective oxygen sensors over time.

A car with a bad oxygen sensor can also run on the road. There's one thing, the air-fuel ratio can't reach the best state, which causes unnecessary fuel consumption, incomplete combustion and other problems. Therefore, the bad sensor should be replaced in time.

3. Reasons for Choosing Delcoribo Oxygen Sensors

As the core component for fuel efficiency, the oxygen sensor plays a big role in keeping correct air-fuel ratio. Delcoribo is committed to premium oxygen sensors. We attach importance to raw materials and high-standard manufacture. The quality management ensures the stable performance. You can trust our products in all driving conditions.

Engines need reliable oxygen sensors to reduce excessive emissions. We have improved technology to monitor accurate oxygen concentration all the time. You will find our sensors possess features of quick installation and easy replacement. All of them are tested before delivery.

Delcoribo gains good reputation for competitive prices. It’s a pleasure to provide superior service and extend your budget. We have oxygen sensors for most makes and models. You can always get what you want from us.


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