Starting system components and how it works


As to starting system, we should know starting system component. It includes the battery, starter motor,  neutral safety switch, ignition switch, a starter relay. A neutral safety switch is included in the starting system circuit to prevent the vehicle from being started while in gear.


Battery is not used for a long time, it will slowly self-discharge, until scrapped. Therefore, the car should be started every certain time to charge the battery. Another way is to pull out the two electrodes on the battery. It should be noted the positive and negative electrode cables should be removed from the terminal. However, the negative electrode cable should be removed first, or the connection between the negative cable and the chassis of the vehicle should be removed, then unplug with a positive terminal marked(+) on the other end. The battery has a certain service life, it should be replaced to a certain period. The same order should be followed when replacing the electrode wire, first connect positive cable and then the negative.

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