Fuel system maintenance


To ensure that the fuel system is clean, the fuel tank should be drained regularly of contaminants as well as water and sediment from the fuel pre-filter. It is strictly forbidden to use any tools to tighten the drain valve when draining the pre-filter, and to open the drain valve all the way when draining the water.

The fuel system pipeline is filled with gum produced by fuel oxidation. Due to the physical phenomenon of the atmosphere, rain, car washing, etc., moisture will inevitably enter the fuel tank and fuel line. Excessive gum will lead to premature damage to the gasoline filter and clogging of the fuel injector, while the presence of water will cause premature wear of the gasoline pump and rusting of the metal components in the fuel line.

Different varieties and qualities of gasoline will lead to the increase of gum and water are also different. For example, China's current gasoline is divided into three categories, unleaded gasoline, ethanol gasoline, methanol gasoline, unleaded gasoline is also divided into three categories, national four, national three, national two.

Unleaded gasoline will produce a greater amount of gum than ethanol and methanol gasoline, which are more likely to absorb water. Due to the varying quality of the oil, the fuel system failures that occur in vehicles vary from place to place. For example, some vehicle owners in ethanol gasoline regions generally report that the fuel consumption of ethanol gasoline is greater than that of the original unleaded gasoline, cold start is poor, and the gasoline pump makes strange noises, etc. 

Some car owners in the region using the National II standard gasoline report that the engine is easy to produce carbon deposits, the injectors are easily blocked, and the gasoline filter is replaced more frequently. Owners in all regions use a bottle of gasoline system cleaner every 5,000 kilometers, every 20,000 kilometers to clean the injectors, air intake, fuel tank oil circuit

If the frequent use of mixed oil owners are recommended to always have a gasoline system cleaner on board, before replacing the oil to add a bottle of gasoline system cleaner to prevent fuel system failure, affecting driving. At present, there are many kinds of gasoline system cleaners on the market, and it is not easy for users to distinguish between good and bad gasoline system cleaners.

Here is a recommended method, a good quality gasoline system cleaner is one that can completely dissolve the gum, while removing a small amount of water from the fuel tank oil circuit, and does not contain alcohol content, while there is no strict requirement for new ratios when used. Gasoline system cleaner that meets the above four conditions can be used with confidence.

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