Routine maintenance projects

When do we maintain our cars? What maintenance projects should be carried out. These questions many divers concern, we conclude 6 major maintenance projects. Let's go straight.

1. Oil and filter maintenance

Oil and filter are projects of the vehicle routine maintenance, These two maintenance are necessary at each routine maintenance, the drivers must replace it in time. There are relatively clear maintenance cycle, if you use full synthetic oil, it need to change after 1 year or 10 thousand kilometers, if you use semi-synthetic oil, we recommend you replace it after half a year or 5 thousand kilometers.

2. The maintenance of engine intake filter element and air conditioner filter element

The intake filter element is generally cleaned once for each maintenance and replaced once for 20,000 kilometers. If the driving environment is bad and the intake filter element is too dirty, it shall be replaced as appropriate. The air conditioner filter element does not have a clear cycle time, the driver can replace it according to the use frequency. The general replacement cycle is about 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers, if the outlet of air conditioner has a musty smell, you can consider replacing it, after all, the air conditioner is easy to breed bacteria, and thus affect the health of the drivers and passengers.

3. Engine coolant

Engine coolant is generally replaced once every 2 years or  40,000 km, it is mainly used to cool the engine. If it is not replaced for a long time, the flow of the coolant will decrease, the cooling capacity will decrease, and the engine overheats. In the hot weather, the engine often overheats due to the bad coolant.

4. Check the spark plug

Spark plug is placed according to the material of spark plug, so the replacement cycle is also different. The ordinary copper core spark plug service cycle is about 30,000 kilometers, the service cycle of precious metal material spark plug is more than 60,000 kilometers. If your vehiclefuel consumption is a little high, you can consider replacing the spark plug.

5. Vehicle brake pads and brake oil

If you always drive in urban road, depressing the brakes or loosening the brakes frequently, and the brake pads will wear out sharply. After 40,000 kilometers, the brake pads may wear out to reach its limit. The thickness of the new brake pad is about 15mm. If it is worn to 1/3 or the thickness is less than 5mm, you should replace it timely.

The general replacement standard of brake oil is also 40,000 kilometers, if you drive your car frequently, the break oil will contain moisture. When depressing the brake pedal, the break oil will overheat and affect the braking effect. In serious cause, the brake will lost its performance.

6. Vehicle tires

Vehicle tire replacement cycle is about 3~5 years or the driving mileage is about 50,000 kilometers. Tires are made of rubber material. If the vehicle runs for a long time, the rubber will be worn out. If the amount of wear exceeds its limit, you should replace it in time. In addition, tires always are exposed  in the sun for a long time, it will be aging, and tire surface will appear subtle cracks. If it occurs, you should be replace it timely.

James Smith        October 24, 2020

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