Why is your car stalling

In general, automatic gearboxes do not stall easily, while manual gearboxes may stall frequently due to poor driving. It cannot be completely ruled out that automatic cars stall. Regardless of the type, the main cause of stalling is basically due to the use of poor quality fuel, which causes the engine to build up carbon and stall.

If the vehicle suddenly stalls in the process of driving, first of all, of course, do not panic, do your best to stabilize the car and do not hit the direction, open the double flash, as the case may be, with a little brake, if it is a manual gear car, you can depress the clutch, according to the speed of the car to the gear lever into the appropriate gear, and then release the clutch, use the speed of the car to drive the engine up, similar to a cart to start the engine, or you can restart engine. 

If it is an automatic car, first carefully put the gearshift into neutral, be careful not to put it into reverse (R) by mistake, otherwise it will damage the transmission, and then restart the engine. Of course, you can also turn on the double jump lights to pull the vehicle over and then restart the engine. After that, check the condition of the car according to the vehicle's situation, and if you can't check it, you can only call for help from a tow truck.

If you find that your vehicle has signs of burning oil, you should always check the dipstick of the oil, change the oil and oil filter regularly according to the product instruction manual, replace the genuine oil filter spare parts, and once you find that the oil loss is abnormal, you should go to the repair shop for overhaul. 

In order to meet the normal work and service life of the engine and reduce oil consumption, it is necessary to choose a high-end engine oil. Especially for the engine with turbocharger, its working temperature is higher and the requirement of oil is higher. 

To choose to use a low volatility of high quality engine oil, because oil volatility is also an important factor leading to car burning oil, choose fully synthetic oil can greatly reduce the occurrence of burning oil phenomenon, to bring comprehensive protection to the car.

James Smith        October 27, 2020

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