Why you can’t start your car

Maintenance methods: In fact, the battery is not like the engine we need to maintain from time to time, good driving habits can prolong its service life as long as we usually pay attention to the car. For example, turn off the lights inside and outside the vehicle, turn off the air conditioner and other electrical equipment before stalling. Even we turn off the car, some electrical equipment will still keep running, and consume the battery, affect the service life of the battery. 

When the vehicle is stationary, the battery will maintain a slow discharge state, so the vehicle is not used for a long time, should also occasionally start the vehicle to charge the battery (each time to keep idle for 20 minutes). Because the battery is in low power for a long time, its service life will be shortened. Of course, someone will remove the battery cables(remove the negative pole and the positive pole). However, battery power failure affects the electronic equipment of some models, so this method should be used carefully.

Conclusion: The most important role of the battery is to power the engine start. If the battery state is not good enough to start the vehicle. If you can charge the battery, this problem can fixed easily, but if you can’t find a place to charge your battery, you'll need to find another car to jump start(note that the pole of the batteries in both cars are connected each other correspondingly).

James Smith        October 24, 2020

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