2014 Q5 AC compressor failure mode
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Jane ScottJuly 20,2022
VCDS expresses amperage at N280,strain of 6 bar,and no blower off codes. I'm thinking awful blower. Question,I know when these come up short,they can regurgitate metal into the system...and fundamentally its supplant a great deal of the parts,and flush,and so forth. Nonetheless,it appears to be this would be for a disappointment mode while crushing can be heard,and so on. That isn't what occurred with this disappointment,it recently quit. Turned the blower in the vehicle,it play on words VERY without any problem. In this way,purchased a utilized,it showed up,and it has a protection from turning. Am thinking simply toss it in there(it was modest),and find out how it turns out? Can't track down anything much unambiguous on disappointment modes,or on the other hand if one totally needs to supplant a lot of parts,or on the other hand in the event that there is a method for checking and so on.
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