Where is the 2006 chevy cobalt fuel tank pressure sensor located?
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Carr GillJuly 20,2022
The gas tank pressure sensor in a 2006 Chevy Cobalt is straightforwardly on top of the vehicle's charcoal canister. You don't need to lift the vehicle by the same token. It very well may be gotten to underneath the back region of the vehicle,and You ought to just need a level sharp edge screwdriver to eliminate it. The gas tank pressure sensor cautions You of a blemished gas cap,recognizes spills inside the fuel framework,controls fuel utilization,guarantees the vehicle follows emanation guidelines,and signs to the vehicle's PC when the framework isn't working as expected. Side effects of a terrible gas tank pressure sensor incorporate hard beginning,slowing down,unpleasant standing by,loss of speed increase,diminished efficiency,check motor admonition light on,and dark smoke getting away from the tailpipe. The typical expense to supplant this sensor in the 2006 Cobalt is $250 to $300. Work represents $160 to $200 of that aggregate.
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