Where is the knock sensor located in a 2001 Toyota Solara?
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Ron JudsonJuly 20,2022
The thump sensor on Your 2001 Toyota Solara is situated on the back side of the motor,to one side of the exhaust pipe,right underneath the admission complex. Signs that Your thump sensor has turned sour is assuming the check motor light comes on and Your motor's running harsh. I f You have this supplanted in the shop,work will be around $300,and it's not difficult to simply fix it Yourself. Raise the front finish of Your Solara and afterward disengage the battery. Slide under Your vehicle and detach the wiring outfit to the thump sensor itself. There's a little support that You might have to eliminate,which will have botH12mm and 14mm bolts. Whenever that is finished,You can separate the wiring tackle from the sensor. Then,You'll require a 27mm attachment to get the actual sensor out,and the point's a piece awkward,so be patient and delicate!
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