Where is the O2 sensor located in the 2007 RAV4?
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Jane ScottJuly 20,2022
The 2007 Toyota Camry indoor regulator is in the indoor regulator lodging on the lower coolant line. The indoor regulator estimates the temperature of the coolant going through the line,and from that point it can figure out what temp the motor is running at. In the event that this part isn't working then the motor risks overheating,which is awful for the vehicle. On the off chance that a motor overheats it will risk distorting or breaking the head gasket,which will cost thousands to fix over the long haul. Assuming that You get a check motor light letting you know that the indoor regulator isn't working then,at that point,sort it out immediately. It is something like 200 for a full substitution so You would rather not stand by.
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