Ignition System
Distributor Contact Point Sets

CPS1031 BUICK Distributor Contact Point Sets
BERU KS115, KS 115, KS-115
BERU 0 340 100 115, 0340100115
Delco-Remy 1954557, 1954 557
Delco-Remy 1962640, 1962 640
Delco-Remy D108P, D 108 P
Delco-Remy AM3204202, AM 3204 202
DODUCO 338V, 338 V
BOSCH F 005 X04 407, F005X04407
BOSCH Part No.: GD501
Buick Special, Checker Motors,
Chevrolet, John Deere, F-85, GMC,
Gary Marine, Massey-Ferguson,
Pontiac, Studebaker
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