Charging System
Alternator Rectifiers
Ford F8WU-10A366-AAIP, F8WU10A366AA, F8WU10A336AA1P, Alternator Rectifiers

Ford F8WU-10A366-AAIP, F8WU10A366AA, F8WU10A336AA1P, Alternator Rectifiers

Ford F8WU-10A366-AAIP, F8WU10A366AA, F8WU10A336AA1P, Alternator Rectifiers
RCT1249 FORD Alternator Rectifiers
Diodes: 8-50 Ampere
230842, FR6003, (Ref# 31-213-1), Rectifier, For: Ford 6G Series 105A* IR/IF, Alternators, Used On: (2005-99) Ford, Replaces: Ford F8WU-10A366-AAIP, F8WU10A366AA, F8WU10A336AA1P, Unit Nos: Ford 1S41-10300-BB, 3C3Z-10346-DA, 4C3Z-10346-AA, 98AB-10300-FC, 98AZ-10346-FA, F81U-10300-BA, F81U-10300-BC, F81U-10300-CC, F81U-10300-CD, F81U-10300-DB, F81U-10300-DC, F81U-10300-DD, F81U-10300-EB, F81U-10300-GA, F81Z-10346-BA, F81Z-10346-CA, 6G SERIES, F81Z10346CA, F81Z10346DA, XF2U10300AB, F81Z-10346-DA, F81Z-10346-EA, F81Z-10346-GA, XF2U-10300-AB, XF2Z-10346-AA, XR3U-10300-AA, XR3U-10300-AB, XR3U-10300-AC, XR3Z-10346-AA, ZR3U-10300-AB, 1S4110300BB, 3C3Z10346DA, 4C3Z10346AA, 98AB10300FC, 98AZ10346FA, F81U10300BA, F81U10300BC, F81U10300CC, F81U10300CD, F81U10300DB, F81U10300DC, F81U10300DD, F81U10300EB, F81U10300GA, F81Z10346BA, F81Z10346CA, 6GSERIES, F81Z10346CA, F81Z10346DA, XF2U10300AB, F81Z10346DA, F81Z10346EA, F81Z10346GA, XF2U10300AB, XF2Z10346AA, XR3U10300AA, XR3U10300AB, XR3U10300AC, XR3Z10346AA, ZR3U10300AB Lester Nos: 7788, 7796, 7797, 7798, 7799, 8252, 8261, 8262, Dim: 136mm Heat Sink OD, Note: Similar to FR6013 except location, of thru-bolt holes in relation to battery terminal., *FR6003 is the early design 8-diode rectifier, for 6G stators with 2-leads/phase and, Y-connection., Features: 40A/300V press-fit diodes, OE validated Crimp-weld diode terminations Heavy duty copper connections reduce, high-amp heat generation Pre-tinned terminals improves, solder-ability Drop-down stator connection improves, salvage rate for short-lead stators
LAUBER CQ1080021
ERA 215210
MESSMER 215210
SANDO SRC14103.0 SRC141030
WAIglobal FR600, FR6003, FR6003SP
1999-2004 FORD E Series , Excursion
F Series Pickup , Focus , Mustang , Windstar
FORD MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2000/10 - 2007/03
FORD MONDEO III (B5Y) 2000/10 - 2007/03
FORD MONDEO III Estate (BWY) 2000/10 - 2007/03
FORD USA WINDSTAR (A3) 1995/01 - /
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