Common charging system problems

The alternator is responsible for providing power to all the electrical devices in the car, so if you have a bad alternator, it may lead to insufficient power for the car. If we usually encounter the following problems, the signs you need to replace your car’s battery are as follows.

1. Charging system problems - A  loose alternator belt

Another common problem can cause the charging system. If alternator belt is too loose, resulting in belt slipping, causing the alternator to work improperly. If the belt doesn’t spin the alternator fast enough, leading to the voltage output drop and power loss. It could also cause the battery's charge to fail to start the motor. Therefore, the tightness of the alternator belt needs to be checked. If necessary, the alternator should be replaced. The belt replacement cycle is about 60,000-80,000 km or 80,000-100,000 km based on the your belt condition.

2. Charging system problems - Small cracks in alternator belt

3. Charging system problems - The car headlights flickering on and off

When driving at night, if you find the brightness of the headlights is unstable, means the power supply of the alternator is not stable, you should immediately repair it (in addition to the car lights, you can also check the volume of the horn).

James Smith        September 14, 2020

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