How fuel pump work in the fuel system

The fuel pump plays a role as a heart in your vehicle fuel system. We will discuss the differences between mechanical and electric fuel pumps and how does they work in this article.

In classical vehiclethe carburetor engine is widely used. In a carbureted engines, the fuel is mixed with the air in the carburetor. Once the fuel and air are mixed they are pushed through the intake manifold and through the open intake valve. The carburetor work on the principle of pressure zones. When the air passes by the jet it creates a low-pressure zone which pulls the fuel through the nozzle. The nozzle has such a small diameter that when the fuel is forced through it the fuel is vaporized which gives you a better fuel and gas mixture.


With the application of electronic injection of new technology, the fuel injection engine replace the carbureted engines. Fuel injected engine has a better engine performance, which use electronic control, ECU control, is more fuel-efficient and improved accuracy.


Electric fuel pump

Most external electric pumps are gravity fed and are simply designed to push fuel, so it’s important that they are mounted properly below and close to the gas tank.


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