How to take care of your car’s battery

Some batteries will become very large after the use of old internal resistance, there will be a charge on the full, a release on the end of the phenomenon. Car owners in the battery life cycle of about two and a half years, routine maintenance should test the battery, which can play a preventive role.

When you stop the car and turn off the engine, forget to turn off the interior lighting, which is a small mistake that many new car owners are prone to make. After a night of battery consumption, the battery may run out of power at any time and cannot start the car. 

When you encounter this situation, you can try to charge the battery when conditions permit. If it still doesn't work, the battery may need to be replaced. Try not to use CDs, cigarette lighters and other electrical devices when the vehicle has not started some of the car storage battery, and use various car appliances sparingly during the drive.

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