The gear reduction starter

Nowadays, the gear reduction starter has been widely used in all kinds of vehicles, and its significant advantages have gradually replaced direct drive starter. A reduction type starter, wherein an idler shaft is mounted in a starter housing in parallel with a motor shaft and a pinion drive shaft, and an over running clutch is provided on the idler shaft so that a reduction of rotational speed can be performed at two stages.


Compared with direct drive starter, the gear reduction starter has obvious advantages.

1. Small impact during starting, easy to mesh with each other, avoid the flywheel gear ring to damage in the use of the process, make the starter and engine work effectively. 


2. The fault is significantly less than drive starter. Internal wear is often less compared to direct drive starters since they use bearings versus the bushings common in direct drive starters.


The gear reduction starter has three kinds of different forms: external meshing type, internal meshing type and planetary gear type.

Type of deceleration starter


(1) External meshing gear reduction starter


It is usually divided into two types: idler gear meshing reduction starter with external meshing gear reduction starter without idler. The reduction mechanism use an idler as the intermediate transmission device between the amature and the drive gear. The solenoid switch coaxes with the drive gear, and pushes the drive gear directly into the mesh without fork shift. Therefore, the appearance of starter is very different from the direct drive starter. The external gear has a large distance from the transmission center and is limited by the starter gear. The reduction ratio must not be too large, used in small power starters.


(2) Internal meshing gear reduction starter


The reduction mechanism has smaller transmission center distance and larger reduction ratio, so it is suitable for high-power starter. However,   Internal meshing gear reduction starter is noisy, and the drive gear still needs to be turned to get into meshing.


(3) Planetary gear type reduction starter


The reduction mechanism has compact structure, large transmission ratio and high efficiency. Since the coaxial design, output axes and armature shaft rotate in the same direction, the armature shaft have no radial load, little vibration, and reduce the size of the starter.


Precautions in the installation and use of the gear reduction starter


(1) Before installation, please check whether the starter surface and the corresponding mounting surface on the engine are free of rust, oil and debris to ensure good contact.


(2) In the low temperature environment, the battery should be replaced by a low temperature battery. If the internal resistance of the battery increases with the decrease of temperature, the battery should be heated to reduce the internal resistance.

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