11 bad habits will damage your car

In the daily use of car, some drivers always are confronted with some problems. If search into the cause of these problems, we will find out some problems caused by themselves. Let’s come to the point.

1. Wash your car after exposing to the sun

After the vehicle is exposed to the sun, some drivers will give the car a cool shower to make it quickly cool down. But you'll soon find your car is worse than before. Due to exposure to the sun, the temperature of paint and surface coatings and engine are very high, and heat expansion and cold contraction will shorten life of the paint and surface coatings, gradually lose luster. The "cold shower" will eventually lead to paint and surface coatings to peel, even the engine malfunctions, the repairs will cost a fortune.


2. Step on the clutch with the left foot all the time, and the clutch disc will wear quickly

The clutch disc is particularly prone to wear and tear. When we recall our driving habit, it was found some of us always put the left foot on clutch all the time when driving, and consider it can control the vehicle easily. But in fact, this way is extremely damaging to clutch disc, especially clutch at half linkage state, the clutch disc wears quickly.


3. Crank the engine while the clutch pedal isn’t fully depressed

Why is the gearbox often broken for no apparent reason? In fact, this problem not only the hardware failure. In the majority of cases, when start the engine, the clutch pedal doesnt kick in the end, resulting in no complete separation of the clutch. If long-term operation, the gearbox is a fatal damage to manual car. Automatic car is also not immune, although there are not clutch pedal and shift-gear problem, but most of us rushed to shift P block, even did not completely stop, this is also a very unwise approach, gearbox is also hard to bear this improper operation.


4Refuel your car when the fuel level indicator lamp blinks

 We usually wait for fuel level indicator lamp to come on before filling up. However, this habit is very bad, because the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank, the fuel pump is continuously working at a high temperature, immersed in the fuel can effectively cool down. When fuel level indicator lamp is on, it indicates the fuel level is lower than the fuel pump. If you wait for the light to turn on each time and then go to the gas station, the gasoline pump will not be sufficiently cooled, shortening the service life of the fuel pump. In short, in daily driving, it is best to fill up when fuel level indicator lamp shows there is a less fuel in the fuel tank.


5. Doesn’t shift gear when we should

It is very easy for the engine to deposit carbon. First of all, we need to check whether we are often lazy and do not shift gear when the shift gear should be made. For example, when the speed is increased to a higher level and the vehicle speed is not matched with the needs, but still keep the initial gear. Such a low-gear and high-speed will increase the engine load and cause great damage to the engine, and it is very easy to cause carbon built-up.


6. Depress the accelerator pedal violently

Some drivers often depress the accelerator pedal violently in the engine start, engine flameout and during vehicle starting.  They think if don’t depress the accelerator pedal violently in above three phases. Accordingly, the engine can’t be started, the engine will be difficult to start in the next time, and the engine is easy to stall. In fact, it is not true. This habits will make the engine speed up and down, the load of operating parts up and down, and will cause the piston irregular movement in the cylinder. Seriously, leading to the deformation of the connecting rod, even cause the engine to be scrapped, so we should change these habits. The accelerator pedal must be depressed steadily and progressively in order to achieve a gradual and smooth increase in speed.


7. The power window can’t lift the right place

Some drivers complain the power window doesn't work or the power window can't be lifted in right place. In fact, this is not a quality problem. As it turns out, it is also related to a bad habit. When using the power window, if it reaches the bottom or rises to the top, be sure to release your hands in time, otherwise it will be harmful to your mechanical parts of the vehicle.

8. Forget to loose the hand brake while driving

Some drivers have not the habit of pulling the hand brake, resulting the car to slip away on the slope, so when parking on the slope, leave the car in gear, pull the hand brake. Some drivers worried if pull the hand brake, they always forget to loose the hand brake, even until produce a burnt smell. Once you find you forgot to loose hand brake when driving, you should also check the tires and brake pedal immediately. If these parts wear out severely, you need to replace or repair according to the degree of wear of brake parts.

9. Shock absorber and spring are fragile, even suspension is broken

Some drivers drive their car to hit the kerb to show their superior driving skills. Some drivers drive their car at high speed when traveling on poor quality roads. However, these driving habits will cause great damage to the wheel suspension and the tires, even cause a bump in the tires, resulting in the scrapping of the tire and suspension. Therefore, we should try to avoid it, and minimize the damage to the vehicle.


10. Wheel is turned fully in one direction for a long time, resulting in damage of the power steering pump 

Because of its frequent use, the power steering pump is one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle. There is no guarantee it won't break, but there is a trick that can help extend its service life. When you need to turn the direction, turned fully in one direction then turn back a little bit, do not let the power steering pump in a tense state for a long time.

11. Install high-flow air filter

High-flow air filter can increase the air intake of the car, the engine "eat air" more, the power is also enhanced naturally. However, in some areas, the environment is full of dust. If we install the high-flow air filter, it will intake more dust into the cylinder. Therefore, whether install a high-flow air filter, we should based on local actual environment.

Above these habits we mentioned, you must pay attention to. If you have, you should change as soon as possible to avoid damage to the car.

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