4 common auto fault lights on dashboard

In the daily use of the car, if your auto fault lights illuminate on dashboard, we should dealt with in time, otherwise the car cant ensure your safety. If there is a fault, it will be display on dashboard. The dashboard can indicate most of the fault, so it is important to know the various fault lights on the dashboard. If there are four fault lights appeared on the dashboard, we should be cautious and fix it immediately.

Brake light

The car brake is our safety guarantee, if the car loses the brake, our safety is not guaranteed. Generally speaking, if the car starts without releasing the hand brake, the brake light will illuminate, but if the hand brake is released the brake light still is on, we can determinate there is a problem with the brake system. In this case, don't drive your car and have it towed to garage as soon as possible.

Check engine light

As we know, the car engine is the power source, as same as our heart. Anyway, as long as there is a problem, even small problem, we should eliminate it as soon as possible. There are many reasons lead to the engine fault lights, it requires us to identify. From a safety point of view, it's better to fix it before driving. After all, we don't know what caused the lights to go on.

Tire pressure indicator light 

The tire pressure indicator light may mean the tires are low on pressure or have been punctured by an object, or be affected by a change in temperature. The importance of the car tire is not lower than the engine, but we don’t ignore it. If the tire pressure indicator light is on, it is necessary to check the tire pressure. 

There are many fault indicators on the dashboard. It is impossible for us to remember all the fault lights, but we should know some common fault lights in order to make a better car.

James Smith        October 25, 2020

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