What causes a bad starter

starter is a mechanism to start an engine. Tractors used to be hand-cranked, and the starter freed our hands. In general, the starter are not easy to break down, because the starter works only the first few seconds of booting and then nothing more when driving your car.

Early signs of a faulty starter  when you turn the key to start it, there's not much resistance, just a " tick-tick" sound, not the sound of the engine starting.


The reason why the starter does not start.

1. The battery is low in power and the connection terminal is loose.

2. Starter solenoid is short circuit or contact plate is poor contact.

3. Start relay contact ablation, relay magnetic coil is short circuit or burn out.

4. The internal armature of the starter is physically deformed, the brush is worn, the spring contact is bad, and the rectifier is dirty.


James Smith        October 05, 2020

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