Automotive fuel systems development

The function and the components in fuel system


The function of the fuel system is to supply a certain amount of clean, well-atomized gasoline to the engine according to the operation condition of the engine, in order to mix with a certain amount of air to form a combustible mixture. At the same time, the fuel system also needs to store a considerable amount of gasoline to guarantee the car's  Limited driving distance.


The fuel system includes the electronic fuel injection system, the fuel supply system include fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel and fuel separator, fuel supply line, fuel gauge and other auxiliaries.


 Automotive fuel systems development


From the 60 s, with the increasing number of vehicles, vehicles 'exhaust emission and fuel consumption became severe problem, forcing people to find a new technology  and device to replace carburetor, so as to reduce exhaust emission and fuel consumption. The carburetor has decades of history, but due to its weakness, the carburetor was phased out. The fuel injection technology was adopted so that people can to achieve this ideal- exhaust emission and fuel consumption.


As early as 1967, the German company Bosch successfully developed the Type D electronic fuel injection device for Volkswagen cars. This device takes the pressure inside the intake manifold as the parameter, but it still has the disadvantages: complex structure, high cost and instability compared with the carburetor.


In response to these defections. Bosch has developed an electronic fuel injection device called L-type, which takes the air flow in the air intake manifold as the parameter, and can directly determine the intake amount based on the relationship between the intake flow rate and the engine speed, so as to inject the corresponding gasoline. Due to its reasonable design and reliable operation, the device was widely used by automobile manufacturers in Europe and Japan, and it has laid the foundation for today's electronic controll fuel injection device.


Since 1979, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and other automobile companies in The United States have launched their own electronic fuel injection devices, especially the promotion of multi-valve engines, making electronic fuel injection technology rapidly popularized and applied. 


More than 95% of the automobile adopted fuel supply systems in major automobile producing countries, such as Europe, America and Japan are equipped with fuel injection devices.

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