Good driving habits

From engine start to park, a few good habits can keep you from garage. In fact, it is not difficult to cultivate a good car habits, as long as pay a little attention to some details, over time, you will be a good driver. 

Engine start

1. The ignition

The ignition switch of the car is divided into three gears. The first gear is "ACC", used to switch on the power, and make the audio, window, and other electric accessories in a working state. The second gear is "ON", connecting the electric accessories related to driving, such as ABS, air bag, fuel pump, temperature sensors and so on. The third gear, "START," starts the engine.

Many people was used to turn the ignition switch to the third gear directly and start the car. This is not a good habit, the correct approach is to stay in the second gear "ON" for a few seconds, leave the vehicle finish the self-test, until the various signals on the dashboard are off or stable, and running noise of the fuel pump disappear, then start the engine. If vehicle complete self-test, we can determine the vehicle condition, not only can we know our car, but also protect the circuit. If our car have a fault, the dashboard will display in advance, the vehicle self-test needs battery power. If the self-test is not completed, engine start is easy to bring greater load to the circuit system.

2. Hot car

A properly heated vehicle is undoubtedly beneficial to the protection of the engine, meaning the engine can reach the ideal operating temperature, while allowing lubricating oil to fully lubricate various components to reduce wear.

Whether it is winter or summer, the cold car should not be driven immediately after starting up, take the warm-up time into consideration according to the temperature at that time, generally from ten seconds to two minutes. But don't depress the gas pedal violently or make the car with heavy loads before driving. When the coolant temperature is enough, we can drive normally. 

Driving on the road

1. Engine start

If the car is always driving on congested road for a long time, it is easy to get some problems. If the road conditions turn better, please immediately pick up the speed, so that the engine can adapt to various working conditions.

For the manual car, no matter what the circumstances are, we recommend you should adhere to the first gear to start the car. In this way, not only provide sufficient power to the car, but also reduce the clutch wear. In particular, avoid clutch half-linkage as much as possible. For automatic car, pay attention to avoid the brake pedal in the "half linkage" state for a long time, otherwise it will increase the loss of the hydraulic torque converter in the gearbox, causing the automatic gearbox "internal injury". The right thing we should do is to be decisive and either move the car or not move at all.

2. Turn the steering wheel

When parking or turning around, you need to turn the steering wheel in multiple circles quickly. At this time, you should avoid excessive force, and the direction can not be "killed", especially when turning in place, it is necessary to leave some margin to ensure that the hydraulic steering system is in normal working condition. Resulting in reduction of the its life (except electric power steering system). It's also important not to steer in situ , this operation not only damages the power system, but also accelerates tire wear. The correct way is to move the steering wheel when your car is running.

3. Parking

When parking, avoid parking the car on the uneven road surface, which will lead to uneven load on the frame, the car body will be deformed for a long time. If you can only park your car on the uneven road, try to keep two coaxial wheels at the same height, such as the front or rear wheels. Secondly, put the steering wheel in right place when you park your car.

4. Flameout

The vehicle self-test is essential when we turn ignition switch to energize the electric accessories. Well, what we should do before engine flameout? Cut off the power supply from the battery, such turn off the audio, air conditioner, lights and other electric accessories. This can avoid electric accessories to work in the next time before engine start, increasing the burden of the battery. Most of drivers don't pay much attention to it, but actually, it has a huge impact on the circuit.

Like home appliances, we should first turn off the switch and then unplug the power, if cut off the power suddenly, the damage is quite large.

James Smith        October 25, 2020

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