How to start your car

Some drivers often encounter such problems, high fuel consumption, weak power while climbing a hill, or a hard start engine after parking a few days, and ignition key does not turn back to the ON position. These problems waste valuable time and can be a safety hazard. For these situations, our mechanics give following suggestion as reference.

Some drivers drive their car frequently, usually they start their car, turn the ignition key to the “start” position, and start it. However, sometimes they has found it difficult to start the car, and it only can be started after several attempts. Even after a successful start-up, they felt less engine power than before, especially when his car is on an incline.

Diagnosis: the problem may be the ignition methods. It is customary to turn the key and start the engine immediately. Actually, this is not correct. Even the automatic start-stop, still can not immediately start, otherwise it will damage the engine.

This is because the engine is still in the cooling condition, especially to park the car for a long time, the running parameters of engine is completely different from the hot engine and the sensors need to be reset, if start the car at this moment, the running parameters of engine does not match with the original data. Even starts successfully, it can cause excessive fuel consumption or engine overheating. Because the car computer has the automatic memory function, the wrong data will cover the original correct data, and eventually lead to weak power, high fuel consumption, serious carbon deposit,  excessive engine overheat and other faults in the long run. And this kind of fault is difficult to diagnose, even the engine overhaul can not eliminate the fault.


The correct ignition method is as follows: turn the key and into ACC, stop for 2-3 seconds, to make the relay contact of the main power supply contact stablely. Electrify the devices needed in this gear. Continue to turn the key to ON, then stop for 6-10 seconds, let the fuel pump relay pull in, until each sensor to complete the adjustment status, turn the key to START to the engine and return to ON after engine operation. Based on the guidance of the computer, automatically adjust an optimal position and optimal parameters, and finally START the engine successfully. However, for temporary or short stops, you don't have to pause. Just watch the yellow light on the dashboard go off and start it up.

James Smith        October 30, 2020
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