How to clean the fuel line

From experience with vehicles, more than half of all petrol engine breakdowns are caused by unclean fuel. All petrol has some moisture in it. Some of this water is produced during the refining process and some is caused by external factors. At normal temperatures, the fuel dissolves some water.

Cleaning the oil circuit is an essential maintenance project, but not every maintenance must be done. Frequent cleaning of the oil circuit, because the cleaning agent contains a large number of chemical components, too frequent cleaning will also cause great damage to the three-way catalytic converter, causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle. 

The normal cleaning frequency should be 30-40,000 km / time, and according to their own driving conditions and car conditions appropriate increase or decrease, for example: urban road congestion will accelerate the oil road blockage.

Although the car engine itself is not afraid of high-pressure water gun cleaning, but some electrical parts on the car engine, there may be a short-circuit failure caused by water, such as the car engine fuse box, starter, battery and other locations, and thus the tap water gun cleaning engine should be wrapped with an insulating layer of plastic film first part of the electrical equipment.

Because the car engine in the course of operation will quickly evaporate the surface layer of water, in addition to the running course, the generator set will cause electricity consumption, even if the electrical equipment part of the occasional water seepage.

It will not cause the engine to stall, only long-term operation, the car engine or high-speed rotation on the turn car engine, the use of heat evaporation of water can be.

James Smith        October 30, 2020

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