How to replace ignition coil

Replace the dedicated ignition coil, each brand car should use the corresponding special ignition coil, so when you replace ignition coil, you must not be arbitrarily replaced, otherwise, it will cause the ignition controller and other electronic components to damage.

Frequently check the connection of the high-voltage circuit wire, because the ignition coil secondary voltage is very high, if the connection is not good or bad contact, it may happen that the engine does not work normally, and may also puncture the distributor cover, ignition coil housing and rotor. Therefore, during daily maintenance, the high-voltage circuit should be checked to make them reliable.

When cleaning the car, water should not directly enter the devices in the ignition system to prevent electronic spark control module from being corroded and damaged.

Ignition coil should replace in the car after tens of thousands of kilometers, according to the actual situation, so today we take the replacement of Hyundai ignition coil ( DOCH V16 Engine) as an example.

1. First open the engine hood, and then we remove the plastic cover on the engine, and then we can see the compartment, as shown below:

2. Pull out the slots of each coil in turn, as shown below:

3. The appearance of unplugging, be careful not to let dust in when you pull it out, as shown below:

4. Press the fixed clip of the coil and pull out the old coil, as shown below:


5. Finally, put on your new coil and put it back into the slot, as shown below:

James Smith        July 06, 2020

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