Maintenance of the breaker point ignition system

The breaker-point Ignition system also called 
conventional ignition system. The following points should be noted in the use and maintenance of the breaker-point ignition system. 

1. The low-voltage terminals of the 
ignition coil must be correct and reliable, otherwise, the primary current will be too low to start the engine, or the ignition coil overheats and burn in the operation of engine because of the primary current is too large.

2. When stopping the car, the ignition switch should be disconnected in time, in order to avoid primary ignition coil being overheated and burned by a large steady current for a long time. The contact of the breaker should be closed when the engine is shut off.

3. The fault probability of breaker contact point is very high, including erosion, dirt and improper gap, which can affect the operation for the ignition system. Therefore, you should check the breaker contact point and contact point gap regularly. If necessary, contact point should be grinded, cleaned, and check and adjust the contact point gap. 

4. If a ballast resistor of ignition coil and high voltage wire are damaged, it cannot be replaced by common wire.

5. The spark plugs shall be cleaned or replaced in time after carbon deposition. It is better to replace the spark plugs of all cylinders.

6. Pull the high-voltage wire with dust cover by hand and pull it up. Do not grasp the wire and pull it hard.

7. If the ignition coil is abnormal and damaged, also the contact point is easily burnt. When you replace the ignition coil, also check the wiring of ignition coil to the distributor whether is faulty.

8. If the secondary windings of the ignition coil are often burned out, it is necessary to check whether the spark plug electrode gap is too large, whether the high-voltage wire is loose, and whether the distributor rotor and electrodes are burned out.

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