Why You Need Multicore Ignition Cables

In the carburetor era, iridium spark plugs could increase engine power. And in modern times, most vehicles are equipped with electronic fuel injection systems. Spark plugs replacement can also increase power, as we all know, but how about replacing ignition cables? Let's dive in.

1. Automotive ignition system

2. Multicore ignition cables

3. Replacing spark plugs

4. Points for attention

5. Common symptoms

6. Piston

7. Installing ignition cables

8. Performance check

9. Conclusion

1. Automotive ignition system

Spark plugs and ignition cables are important parts of the ignition system. The original configuration in the engine is a single set of wiring harnesses, which is poor in voltage and current throughput.

The high-voltage generated by the multi-group wiring harness and high-performance ignition coil can be transmitted to the spark plug in a large amount and in a timely manner. 

The spark plug is at the end of the ignition system. The spark generated by the electrode ignites the air-fuel mixture to complete the combustion and push the piston to work.

The original ignition cables are the minimum configuration to keep costs down. If the car owner replaces the cable and spark plug, the engine performance is instantly improved. The throttle becomes more efficient, and the acceleration is stronger.

2. Multicore ignition cables

The original ignition cable is usually single-core. Workers will artificially increase the resistance when produce them, so that the car stereo and car computer will not encounter electromagnetic interference and can not work properly.

However, this design also consumes part of the high-voltage ignition energy, resulting in decreased dynamics due to high power consumption and bad ignition capacity of the original car's ignition cable.

Good Ignition Cables

Therefore, in order to improve the ignition system and increase the engine power, ignition cables must be modified and replaced with high-energy and high-voltage ones.

Can a modified ignition cable increase the car power? There are single-core, three-core, four-core and five-core ignition cables in terms of internal structure. Theoretically, the more cores, the lower the resistance, the higher the ignition strength, and the more cost.

However, too many cores will make the current too strong. If special packaging and shielding materials don't go into service, electromagnetic interference will be generated so that the car stereo and car computer can not work properly.

And too strong ignition also easily causes the faulty car engine, which leads to symptoms such as car juddering, reducing the service life of ignition coils and spark plugs. At the same time, the car stereo and car computer will have problems due to electromagnetic interference.

3. Replacing spark plugs

Modified high-voltage ignition cable makes the spark plug emit the stronger electric spark. The temperature of the spark plug is much higher than before. If you still use the original spark plug of ordinary alloy, it will shorten the spark plug's service life.

Therefore, it is recommended to change the spark plugs as well with precious metal materials such as double white gold or iridium.

New Spark Plugs

These spark plugs are able to withstand high temperatures of over 2000°C. The laser welding also makes the discharge point of the spark plug more precise.

Another thing to note is that car modification is a matter of overall coordination and cooperation. It is not correct to improve a particular aspect alone.

The primary modification generally starts with power modifications. We choose to use the high-flow style (to reduce air intake resistance and increase the amount of air intake per unit of time), modified spark plugs and ignition cables (to improve ignition capacity). They are the most common practices.

4. Points for attention

Before installing the ignition cable, we must observe the condition of the original engine, such as the engine sound, oil leakage, oil stain, oxidation of the high voltage package and distributor cover joints. If any of the above conditions exist, we should solve them before replacing the high-performance ignition cable.

Note: Be sure to make it clean before use. First, install the ignition cable, then check whether the distributor cap is inserted steadily, whether the line body is lined up neatly and fastened, and whether the sealing cover is adjusted. There is a need to lock the place with a buckle belt. They can't swing too much.

Finally, check again if the accessories and other plugs in the engine have been removed and settled in properly. After that, you can start the engine

After confirming that the engine sounds normal after starting, idling and fuel are all OK. Everything is fine. We can drive the car on the road.

5. Common symptoms

●  Stall automatically

The aging ignitor and ignition transistor, insufficient power will lead to this problem. Therefore, it is recommended that the car owner replace the ignitor, or just give up.

●  Engine juddering

There are two reasons: the first is making the distributor and cylinder number wrong. You must recognize the cylinder number when re-installing the ignition cable. Remove and install them one by one. Don't messed up. The second may be the leakage or faulty circuit in the cable.

●  Partial short circuit in the ignition amplifier

This is a circuit failure. Some cars equipped with electronic fuel injection systems have many defective parts, so don't use them.

●  The oil light flashes on dashboard

The reason is too many electromagnetic waves are generated during ignition. Many cables have such issues frequently because the circuit is different from other cars. They have poorer resistance to interference.

●  Check engine light stays on

The reason is that the ignition system is weak. The anti-interference ability is poor. You can install spark plugs with resistance. Then remove the battery head for 1 minute so that the computer refreshes once. The above problem can be solved.

●  No significant change in power after installation of ignition cables

The reason is that the new spark plug does not match the original vehicle. When talking about spark plugs, it is necessary to analyze the original plugs' thermal value. It must match the original system.

●  Noises in the car when accelerating

It is generally due to advanced ignition. Adjusting the distributor's ignition value should be able to solve the problem. Some cars with distributors have this symptom when running on the road. An experienced mechanic can get it done.

The idle speed will become high or low sometimes, so check the carburetor, adjust the dowel and idle valve, re-adjust until everything is fine.

6. Piston

The spark plug only works in the distance between the center electrode and the outer electrode. The temperature of the engine combustion chamber is around 500℃. The pressure and high temperature to which the piston is subjected far exceed the energy generated by the spark plug. In short, there is no need to worry about the piston being punctured.

7. Installing ignition cables

The ignition cables must be arranged and installed like the old ones. The distributor cap must be inserted to the end. And the spark plug rod must touch the spark plug (You should hear a popping sound).

Do not let the cables overhang while installing. This prevents the cables from contacting the engine accessories. You must use the line code or nylon tie to set on the accessories, and then handle the ground electrode.

In addition, the distributor cap is affected by the temperature for a long time. The internal vacuum exists. The glue head and distributor cap are sucked very tightly. So use fingers to open the glue head first to let the air in.

8. Performance check

When the engine power is boosted, hit the pedal lightly when refueling. Drive at a consistent speed with high gears. It is recommended that car owners focus on the difference between third and fourth gear. Speed up with the third gear, and drive with the fourth gear at 1000 - 1300 rpm. The engine torque is the key.

9. Conclusion

Cars are like human. They are subject to all sorts of quirks and problems. Many vehicles today have defects in craft or have been modified before. So when using multi-core ignition cables, be sure to check the car's condition before driving it.

Not every car is suitable for multi-core ignition cables. If the new ignition cable does have a problem that cannot be solved technically, it is recommended to give up. 

On the other hand, new ignition cables only fully exploit the car's potential. They do not give the car the essential improvement.

If you want to improve your car power and reduce fuel consumption, installing multi-core ignition cables is an excellent choice. 

Then, from the view of the ignition cable's role in the whole vehicle, the modified ignition cable will have absolutely no side effects. There is only the problem of whether it is suitable or not.

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