Why does my car shake
Vehicle shakes when at Idle
Throttle problem

The main reason why the throttle valve is dirty is that the shaft of the throttle valve plate and the joint of the throttle body have carbon deposition, leading to the throttle opening is not accurate enough, thus causing car wobbling at idle. It indicates the throttle body need to be cleaned. If it still shakes after cleaning, the throttle body assembly may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

Oil quality

Poor quality of gasoline will lead to poor atomization effect of fuel injector and insufficient combustion of mixture in cylinder, which will lead to engine wobbling at idle. It is recommended to use high grade gasoline and clean the fuel system after using this tank.

Spark plug problem

The phenomenon occur that the spark plug does not ignite, resulting in a cylinder or more cylinders do not work, this will also lead to engine wobbling at idle. Check whether there are cracks in the ceramic part of the spark plug, and check whether the ignition module is normal.

The vehicle shakes when accelerating or driving

The oil and spark plug problems mentioned above can also cause car shaking when accelerating or driving. Tyre problems should be taken into consideration. Tyre tread with four wheels is not smooth, such as bumps, foreign bodies and so on, which will cause the vehicle shake during driving. Of course, loose wheel bearings can also cause vehicle shaking during driving.

The car shakes when shifting gear

1. Transmission fluid problem
Dirty transmission fluid can cause the vehicle to shake during shift gear. Check the transmission fluid. If transmission oil turns black, shows that it needs to be replaced. Generally, the automatic transmission oil is replaced every 2 years about 6W kilometers.

2. Shift solenoid valve
The fault of the transmission shift solenoid valve will cause the shaking of the vehicle when shifting, you can use the detector to read the transmission shift data to decide whether the shift solenoid valve is normal.

3. Friction plate problem
Maybe the friction plate inside the automatic transmission is worn to the limit. Of course, there are many other things that can cause a vehicle to shake, and here are some of the most common.

James Smith        July 17, 2020
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