Fuel system working principle and maintenance

With the continuous improvement and rapid development of the industrial level and economy, car has entered the public's vision and become an indispensable part of people's life and travel.

First, let's take a brief look at the fuel system: the function of the fuel system is to supply the engine with a certain amount of clean, well-atomized gasoline to mix with a certain amount of air to form a combustible mixture, based on the operating conditions of the engine. At the same time, the fuel system also needs to store a considerable amount of gasoline to guarantee the car's long driving range. In this article, we need to know the fuel system working principle and maintenance. Of course, the components in fuel system you should know. 

Fuel system components

Fuel tank: fuel storage.


Fuel pump is now divided into two installation mode: external pump and internal pump. External pump is installed on the fuel supply line. As the name implies, the internal fuel pump is installed in the fuel tank. Compared with the different installation mode, the internal fuel pump is not easy to generate air resistance, leakage and noise.

Fuel filter: remove moisture and impurities from gasoline.

Fuel Injector: fuel nozzle (installed on the air inlet of throttle or near inlet valve in each cylinder, controlled by the electronic fuel injection signal, The amount of fuel injection is determined by  the length of time the energized injection, so that the right amount of fuel pumps into air intake manifold. After introduction of fuel system components, now let's take a brief understanding of the interaction between the fuel system components and the working principle.


The fuel pipe is full of gum content due to fuel oxidation in the fuel system. Because of atmospheric physical phenomena-rain, car wash and other inevitable moisture entered the fuel tank and oil circuit will lead to fuel filter premature failure and injector nozzle clogging. The presence of moisture causes gasoline pump premature wear out and the metal components corrosion, unstable idle speed, detonation, poor acceleration, excessive emissions, increased fuel consumption, etc, so routine maintenance and good driving habit will be good for your fuel system, and greatly reduce the failure rate of vehicle fuel system.


Gasoline detergent (fuel additives) can be used per 5000 km. Maintenance of the injector nozzle, the inlet manifold, fuel tank, fuel circuit is necessary after 20000 kilometers. If often use mixed fuel, we suggest you to prepare gasoline detergent before replacing the other fuel and add a bottle of gasoline detergent, preventing fuel system failures.

At present, there are many different kinds of fuel system cleaners on the market, the user is not easy to distinguish the  fuel system cleaners. One method can test the quality of the fuel system cleaners, check the fuel gum content whether completely dissolve and remove a small amount of moisture in fuel tank at the same time, the product without alcohol and strict requirements in the proportion added. Meet the above conditions of the gasoline system cleaner can be used safely.

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