The starting system

Function of starting system

The engine start is the whole process of the engine crankshaft turning from the beginning to the automatic idle operation under the action of external forces. There are many ways to start an engine, such as manual start, electric start, auxiliary gasoline engine start and so on. The engine start are usually powered by starter motor, which are used as mechanical power. When the gear on the starter motor meshed with the gear ring of the engine flywheel, the power of the starter motor is transmitted to the flywheel and crankshaft. The starter motor itself uses batteries as energy. At present, most automobile engines are started by starter motor.

Components of the starting system

The starting system is generally composed of power supply (battery), starter motor, starter switch, starter relay, etc.

1) The poles

The magnetic pole, it functions is to generate the magnetic field needed for armature rotation, consists of an iron core of the magnetic pole fixed on the casing and magnetic field winding.

2) The armature

The armature assembly is composed of an iron core and armature windings superposed by silicon steel plates with external slots. The magnetic field windings and armature windings are generally wound by bare copper wires with rectangular sections.

3) The working principle of DC motor

The basic working principle of dc motor is that the conductor of current will be affected by electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. The two commutators are connected with the two ends of the toroidal coil respectively, one end of the brush is in contact with the two commutators, and the other end is connected with the positive and negative electrodes of the battery respectively. In a toroidal coil, the direction of current changes alternately. The toroidal coil rotates continuously in a clockwise direction under the action of electromagnetic moment. In this way, when the power supply continues to supply power to the motor, the coil will keep turning in the same direction.

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