• Why You Need Multicore Ignition Cables

    In the carburetor era, iridium spark plugs could increase engine power. And in modern times, most vehicles are equipped with electronic fuel injection systems. Spark plugs replacement can also increase power, as we all know, but how about replacing ignition cables? Let's dive in.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - February 21, 2022

  • Everything You Need to Know about Engine Misfire

    Engine misfire is a common failure in automotive engines. It refers to the symptom of insufficient or no combustion of the mixture in the cylinder. The trouble happens due to abnormal ignition system, fuel system, cylinder pressure or other reasons. It is harmful to the vehicle and the environment. We should solve this problem in time.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 17, 2022

  • Control Principle And Maintenance of Diesel Engine Preheater

    Many vehicles equip diesel engines. They have the large load capacity and run in harsh environments. Many drivers work in mountainous or alpine areas for years. Their vehicles have various devices to improve cold starting performance. Let's talk about the control principle and maintenance of the diesel engine preheater.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 13, 2022

  • Introduction to Engine Control Unit in Cars

    The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is generally equipped with fault self-diagnosis and protection functions. It also automatically records fault codes in RAM when a system fault occurs. These messages are displayed on the dashboard and remain there, allowing the owner to identify the problem and take the car to a repair shop.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - January 03, 2022

  • 9 Ways to Damage Automotive Engine

    You may hear a lot of "engine damaging behaviors" before. Only some of them are true. It is obvious that cars are essential tools, so we should know them well. Furthermore, we want to expand the engine's service life. Let's talk about some behaviors that "really hurt the engine".

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 27, 2021

  • Vehicle Losing Power: Reasons And Inspection (Case Analysis)

    To check a car's performance, we can test its maneuverability and steering system, but the engine is the most important thing we should know well. As the core of the car, the engine is the key factor in the safety driving. However, in the daily running, the vehicle encounters a lack of power from time to time.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 21, 2021

  • Everything You Need to Know about Ignition Switch

    The ignition switch is a control device that takes charge of the engine ignition. With the development of automotive electronics, the keyless system goes into service without the key. The ignition switch can be simplified to a button. In any case, the ignition switch is a crucial component of the ignition system, even the engine and the vehicle.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 14, 2021

  • Internal Structure of Engine Distributor

    The distributor is a component of the ignition system. It controls the primary circuit in time and distributes the spark to each cylinder in sequence. The distributor is mainly used in the traditional ignition system and the electronic ignition system. However, these two ignition systems have been basically eliminated.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 06, 2021

  • Car Noises While Driving: Solutions And Maintenance

    We always encounter various issues when driving the car. Car rattles are the most unbearable problem for drivers. These noises cannot be avoided in the running of the vehicle. They can occur at any time. Engine rattles are not limited by new or old cars and are not limited by mileage. Now let's see how to improve this awful symptom.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - December 03, 2021

  • What Is Ignition Advance Angle

    When the engine works, the ignition timing has a significant impact on the engine's performance. Advance ignition is that the spark plug generates sparks to ignite the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber before the piston reaches the top dead center. The crankshaft angle of rotation that goes from the ignition moment to the time that the piston reaches the top dead center is called the ignition advance angle.

    Lauritz Carolsfeld - November 30, 2021