10 easy car repair and maintenance DIY tips

Driving on the road will inevitably encounter some unexpected breakdown. In some cases, we need to go to the car service center immediately, and in the other cases, you can do it yourself. If you are in a remote suburb or not convenient to go to car service center when your car has a fault, it is particularly important to learn these simple troubleshooting skills by yourself. Learn and master some simple emergency repair methods will come in handy at the critical moment.


Trouble 1 : car is shaking while starting the car in the morning

Analysis: shaking during cold start is a common problem of the gasoline engine. The most important reason is the cylinder combustion is not complete, resulting in insufficient vehicle power, car shaking.


Quick solution: some individual cylinder don’t work well, the valves do not close fully, you can shift gear to 3-4 and driving on the highway at high speed, the symptom can disappear. If the hot car does not shake but the gear shift is not smooth, the possible cause is uneven fuel injection, you should dealt with this problem by testing and cleaning in car service center.


Trouble 2: the brake is poor performance

Analysis: The worst thing is the failure of the brakes. As the most basic, the most important and the most core part, brake is almost the key to the automobile safety. At sometimes, the brakes are not completely out of action, but there is a distinct feeling, the pedals are low and lack of enough braking force.


Quick fix: When you are waiting for a red light, stepping on the brakes pedal vigorously. If the effect is not obvious, the brakes may reach its life, it need to be replaced and repaired immediately.


Trouble 3: Vehicle deviated from its route

Analysis: most of the drivers found their car deviated from its route, the first idea is to carry out the four-wheel positioning, but it is not the case. There are many reasons for a car to go off track. For example, tread patterns wear at different levels, suspension design problems or suspension injuries, deformation, displacement, and so on. Although there are many reasons, the most important thing to notice when a car is off-track is whether there are abnormalities in the tires and suspension system.


Quick solution: Turn up the air pressure on the front wheel in the direction of deviation or reduce the air pressure on the tire in the other direction. Slight deviation will be improved. If it cannot be improved, go to car service center for inspection immediately.


Trouble 4: the door handle becomes loose or the turning key becomes tight 

Analysis: it is hard to avoid some wear and tear due to use the door handle for a long time. If it is loose, or turn the key hard, don’t turn it with force, so as not to cause unnecessary loss.


Quick solution: open front door, you can find a plastic cover in the side, open it and you will find a screw, loosen it a little bit, pull out lock core from outside, there is a pull cord, adjust the tightness of pull cord. The screw of rear door is blocked with sealing strip, remove manually before installing and lubricate the lock core, so the handle and lock can be restored as before.



Trouble 5: inlet and outlet hoses is broken

Quick fix: when the radiator takes in water, the joint of the hose is most likely to produce a crack and leak. At this time, you can use scissors to cut off the damaged part, and then put the hose into the radiator inlet joint, and use clips or wire to tighten.


If the crack is in the middle part of the hose, you can tie the leak with adhesive tape, clean the hose before tying, and when the leaking part is dry, wrap the adhesive tape around the leaking part of the hose. Due to the high water pressure in the hose while the engine is running, you should try to tie the adhesive tape tightly. If you don't have tape, wrap the plastic around the tear and then cut the cloth into strips to wrap around the hose. Sometimes the hose crack is large, it may still leak after the entanglements. Then open lid of the radiator, in order to reduce the pressure and leakage in the channel. After taking the above measures, the engine speed is not be too fast, and the engine should be drive at high speed. Pay attention to the pointer position of the water temperature meter during driving, and stop to cool down or replenish the coolant when the temperature is too high. Of course, the most important thing is to get a new pipe replaced as soon as possible.


Trouble 6: fan belt is broken

Analysis: fan belt is generally used a type of triangular belt, because it is relatively thin rubber products, easy to wear and fracture. Therefore, the fan belt is a must spare parts. In fact, a few of drivers have spare fan belts on their cars due to late replenishment or other reasons. So it's common to see some cars break down on the road due to damaged fan belts, causing the engine overheats.

Usually, the fan belt does not break suddenly. In most cases, the rubber part wears out due to without adjustment and relaxation for a long time. The cracked belt is easy to come off the pulley. So, it's not hard to find if you check it early. However, a lot of people often ignore the inspection at this time, considering the belt fell off accidentally during rotation, and then continued to drive. As a result, the cracks become deeper and deeper in the belt, and finally completely disconnected, unable to continue to run.


Quick fix: if discovered late, the belt has broken on the road, stop charging immediately and the charging warning light comes on. At this time, stop immediately, otherwise it will soon cause the engine overheat, even can’t run. The broken fan belt has dimensions printed on it.


If there is not a car service center nearby, you can take your original belt and buy it at a store. If cannot shop it, buy or borrow a pair of female nylon stockings, then use it to tie up the belts of the crankshaft, water pump, alternator as far as possible tight until a dead knot, and cut off the remaining. In this way, you car can take you to destination as long as you don’t drive too fast. If you are not far away from your destination, only need to connect the crankshaft to the pulley of pump belt to reduce the load. Meanwhile, the two belts are easier to fasten. The speed need to slow down while driving, otherwise, nylon stockings will slip, and can’t drive the belt. 

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