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Largest Selection

Delcoribo focuses on wholesale auto parts to the

worldwide businesses. The variety of products are

available for European, Japanese and American

vehicles. Our wholesale business has a large

selection and can work with you to find what

you are looking for – all at reasonable prices.


Top Quality

Delcoribo supplies reliable automobile parts. We gain

good reputation in the aftermarket business. Everything

we sell is quality controlled to ensure the high standards

of products available. We ensure that all materials we

use are superior, and transform them into automobile

parts you will be happy with.


Competitive Price

We ensure that our production is efficient, car parts are

high quality, and try and keep costs down as much as

possible – ensuring we can sell auto components at

low prices. It will be a good choice for those customers

who buy auto parts. We can make good deals and

develop long-term relationships.


On-time Delivery

It's our duty to offer impeccable customer service.

We understand your business relies on us keeping to

our delivery timelines. Therefore, we have effective

logistics that make sure your orders turn up on time.

You can receive auto parts as soon as possible, and

it's profitable for both our sides.


Fit Guarantee

Delcoribo produces and supplies automobile parts.

Our expert staff works with you to discuss your

requirements, analyses the vehicles you are needing

parts for and ensure the "exact matching" business.

Enjoy the wide selection and search for your own

car parts. We try our best to do everything right.

New Products Development

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our

extensive catalogue, please contact us. Delcoribo

can help develop any new items. If you want to

sell something exclusively, we charge in advance

for the mold but will refund money once a certain

amount of the products have been sold.

Delcoribo Parts Warranty

For several years, our customers have got broad consensus: Buying from Delcoribo is a correct choice and a kind of assurance. Delcoribo Parts Warranty is a commitment to maintain high quality, dependability and reliability. As a wholesale auto parts supplier and manufacturer, we have corresponding warranty policy for ignition coils, electric fuel pumps, alternators, starters and sensors. Our high quality standards allow us…

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Tips for Parts Buyers

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Ignition Coils
Ignition Coils for European Vehicles
Ignition Coils for American Vehicles
Ignition Coils for Japanese Vehicles
Ignition Coils for Korean Vehicles
Ignition Coils for Russian Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pumps
Electric Fuel Pumps for European Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pumps for American Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pumps for Japanese Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pumps for Korean Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pumps for Russian Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pump Assembly
Electric Fuel Pump Assembly for European Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pump Assembly for American Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pump Assembly for Japanese Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pump Assembly for Korean Vehicles
Electric Fuel Pump Assembly for Russian Vehicles
Alternators for European Vehicles
Alternators for American Vehicles
Alternators for Japanese Vehicles
Alternators for Korean Vehicles
Alternators for Russian Vehicles
Voltage Regulators
Voltage Regulators for European Vehicles
Voltage Regulators for American Vehicles
Voltage Regulators for Japanese Vehicles
Voltage Regulators for Korean Vehicles
Voltage Regulators for Russian Vehicles
Alternator Rectifiers
Alternator Rectifiers for European Vehicles
Alternator Rectifiers for American Vehicles
Alternator Rectifiers for Japanese Vehicles
Alternator Rectifiers for Korean Vehicles
Alternator Rectifiers for Russian Vehicles
Starter Motors
Starter Motors for European Vehicles
Starter Motors for American Vehicles
Starter Motors for Japanese Vehicles
Starter Motors for Korean Vehicles
Starter Motors for Russian Vehicles
Sensors for European Vehicles
Sensors for American Vehicles
Sensors for Japanese Vehicles
Sensors for Korean Vehicles
Sensors for Russian Vehicles

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Tel: +86-579-8275-8180

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